My Big Bad Wolf ‘Howl’

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 11:30 pm

Book lovers would know that we have an exciting book sale going on at the Mines Convention Centre – The Big  Bad Wolf Book Sale!!!

I’ve been to the sale in 2009 but I’ve missed it in 2010 and 2011. There’s no way I was going to miss this year’s.

And so, I went on the very first day of the sales, on the 7th of December 2012. Thank goodness the traffic wasn’t too bad in on a Friday afternoon!


There we go, The World’s Biggest Book Sales with 3 millions book discounted by 75% – 95%!!! Who wouldn’t go crazy!!!


The huge hall was filled with people on the first day itself. I can’t imagine how the crowd would be like over the weekends!

A lot of ‘warriors’ came prepared with huge luggage bags and trolleys. People less ambitious like me just took up a box from the book pile and start wondering around looking for gems.

Because of monetary limitations I just chose a boxful of books. At the counter I overheard that one had 9 boxes of books!!! The cashiers are definitely working their asses off trying to cope with crowd.

I’m very glad to see that the sales is more well organised. They even have helpers to help with carrying to books! You just need to drive your car to the driveway and they’ll help you load them into your car!

I believe they are people who would return a few times to the sales but I didn’t. Nonetheless, I’m very very pleased with my selection.


My ‘howl’ from the sales!!! All these books for under Rm250!!!

Because of my limited spending abilities and also because of the fact that I still have finish reading the books I bought from UK, I simply have to limit myself, picking only the juiciest book and painfully forego the other gems in the sales.

Some highlights of my selection:


Some books that I’ve been eyeing on for some time.


Some books by Candance Bushnell – the famous author of Sex and the City. By the way, can you believe it?! Hard cover books selling at RM8!!! How could anyone resist!!!


Nora Roberts – The Bride Quartet for RM30!!! I’ve never read her books before but I’m very looking forward to it!

In short, I’m very content with my ‘howl’ and I can’t wait to dig into them! My one other wish would be that I would be immune from the urge of buying anymore books for, say, one year…

Too bad I don’t really have much confidence in myself. Haha…

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