A New Chapther

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 11:56 am

I think I will start writing again.

I have stop writing for some time and that leaves a huge gap between the my last post and this one. I was desperately trying to fill up the gap then, trying to create an illusion that all my entries had been a continuous effort. But eventually I couldn’t cope…

About the illusion part, it was not a conscious attempt. In fact, it just seemed like something I had to do. Now that I have stepped out of that phrase, been through more things and, hopefully, grew up a bit, revelation and realization comes in. We humans tend to fool ourselves into the ideals that we desire, consciously or subconsciously.

I know that the statement is a bit severe and melodramatic. It’s just a blog after all. No big deal! But looking it from another angle, subconscious effort was put into the concealment of flaw even for such a mundane thing. What more other more significant stuff in life!

Admit it or not, we play ostrich most of the time. Not surprisingly, we are very good at brain washing ourselves! Excuses and ‘reasons you wouldn’t understand’ helps us to run away from less desirable situations, to facilitate our actions and, to get what we want. The great thing is, we actually believe what we said until things start to go wrong!

I’m not saying that weighing out your options and begin practical and rational is wrong. There is a very fine line between being rational and making excuses. Well, then again, the balance of everything in the world has always been delicate. That is why the world is so topsy turvy!

Back to my original topic. I will start writing again. This time I will not try to fill the gap. I write whenever I like, whatever I like, keeping things real.

After all, perfection is boring. It is imperfection that makes life interesting!

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