Edinburgh for CNY

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 9:01 pm

I am writing this before my blog switches back to real time, to be publish later, because I want to put my memories down in words when it’s still fresh. You know, as age is catching up, my memory often fails me…

It’s Chinese New Year and it’s my first time not being home celebrating with my family. It sucks being in England for CNY because, besides being away from my family, you can’t find any CNY atmosphere here unless you travel all the way to London Chinatown.

Well, when life gives me lemon (hard and dry ones) I try to make lemonade even if the lemon offers few drops of lemon juice. So, for CNY, I’ve decided to visit my cousin and his wife in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was delighted that they would take me in when I asked! Thank you so much!!! :-D

So on the bus I hopped and conquered the 9-hours journey to Edinburgh to spend CNY with some family.


Why did I use the word conquered? Let me tell you…

Things did not went well for me… I planned to catch the first bus to London from Hatfield which will take me to Buckingham Palace Road but I missed it by a few seconds. The bus came when I was about 10 steps away from the bus stop and it didn’t stop because there’s no one to flag it at the bus stop. And the driver just ignored me when I flagged it to stop when I was just 10 steps away, hulling a luggage and running towards it.

Luckily I’ve got Plan B. I called a cab to take me to Hatfield station and took a train to London.


What a bad start! What does a girl need to do to enjoy a decent CNY?!

Maybe it’s because I did not have my breakfast… But to get it I first had to travel from London Kings Cross to Victoria Station via Underground. From Victoria Station I had to walk a short distance to get to Victoria Coach Station. Somewhere in between I stopped by Pret A Manger for a proper breakfast to make my day better.


The yummy-licious, super smooth, ultra-rich, cursed beverage – Mango Juice.

There absolutely nothing wrong with the juice. Every wrong is on me! *slap self* I was recovering from a cough and once I had this I almost coughed my lungs out, again.

Anyway, then it was the 9-hour journey to Edinburgh. Eh, 9 hours very tiring one ok! Although I almost slept through the whole journey.

When I’m not sleeping I do the next best thing to do to let time pass by – cam-whore!


Cam-whore means that there’s more than one picture so…


Ok, that’s it… I know I look like s**t.

After 9 hours I finally arrive at Edinburgh Bus Station. It was about 6.30 in the evening and it was drizzling.

I think my cousin was waiting for me at Waverly Bridge because I thought I could hop off there and I told him I would. It turned out that the bus doesn’t not make stops at Waverly Bridge and so I walked out of the bus station to meet him half way.

Once out I saw a Louise Vuitton Shop right next to the entrance and I later found out that I was on the High Street of Edinburgh.

We headed straight for his friend’s house for dinner. I had a splendid Chinese New Year’s Eve where there seemed to be endless supply of food, especially the dumplings, and it ended with games and chicken soup back at my cousin’s place. Oh, and cough syrup. haha~

Hmm… the title of this post should be renamed as My Journey to Edinburgh. But I’ll just put a photo of Edinburgh to make it up instead.


The tall tower-like building on the left is the Scott Monument, a famous landmark of Edinburgh. The slope on its right is the Princes Garden. In the garden there’s a sign which introduces the Scott Monument. It says –

Edinburgh in 287 steps

The Scott Monument is built to commemorate Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland’s greatest novelist. Scott’s novels includes Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, The Heart of Midlothian and Waverly.

The Monument is 200 feet and 6 inches (61.1 meters) high and there are 287 steps to the top.

The climb through the internal stairways is in four stages, with 360 degree viewing galleries on each levels.

The galleries provide unrivalled panoramic views on Edinburgh historic Old and New Towns.

One level is home to the Museum room where you can sit and discover more about Sir Walter Scott and the architecture of the monument.

9th February 2011