2nd & Last Day in Notts

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I realized that I made a mistake in the previous post about my Nottingham trip. Rightly speaking it should be 2days and 2night in Nottingham and not 3days and 2 nights.

Anyway, this is the last post about the trip! (gosh, my memory is starting to fail me!)


That morning, we missed breakfast and hence we had to find some ourselves and had a real heavy one – Sunday Roast, erm… DInner?!

Not wasting any precious time, we made our way to the Galleries of Justice. The number one attraction in Nottingham according to the trip advisor.


Here is where we learnt about all the grim and shocking history of crime and punishment that happened in Old England. The displays and the artefacts in this place is amazing!

By the way, people were actually executed and stoned during olden times on the very steps that led through the doors of today’s oh-so-popular tourist attraction! The thought that I might be standing on the very same spot where some man or woman was executed centuries ago aroused a strange feeling in me. It so hard to imagine that these steps which so many people walked on today, happily entering a tourist attraction, was once bloody, gruesome and maybe very much feared.


If I recall properly and if I’ve done my research correctly, this is called a Gibbet. It is NOT a display but was once was to hang and display the corpse of a person called James Cook. If I’m mistaken then it should be William Jobling. It should be one of them because I remember the guide telling us that it is used on one of the last person to be executed and gibbeted in England. But it should be James Cook.

This device can clearly be seen hanging above our heads in the main hall increasing the creepy medieval atmosphere that surrounds the Galleries of Justice.


The tour is an interactive one and the Lady Justice in the blue robe is our guide. She is the typical bad guy that you see in Robin Hood cartoons or movies. Loves money, thinks that the peasants should pay more tax, loves to see people suffer while she enjoys her meals etc. Of course that is just an act. It is fascinating to see them playing their role and the best part is they involve the audience – US!

Oh, forgot to mention! In the Galleries of Justice you can visit the old courthouse and county gaol of Nottinghamshire.

We are at the old Courthouse in this picture. It was once a functioning court!


Doesn’t this look like a scene in the movies!

After the courtroom we were led into the gaol underneath the building. We had to walk down a narrow flight of stone steps to meet our next guide who is the prison guard (basically someone who is suppose to keep the prisoners in order).

The other interesting part is that we, the tourists, are the prisoner or convicts!


We were each assigned a convict number at the back of our tickets. I am Mary Brammir, convicted of theft.

We get to explore the gaol and hear stories of how it was run and how life in it was like. Can you believe that you have to pay for your prison/cell and food even when you’re thrown in prison , most probably unjustly!


Anyway, there is much more and it is a place definitely worth visiting!

Next we headed back to Nottingham Castle to visit Mortimer’s Hole like I’ve written in my previous post on Nottingham. And as we still had some time after the visit we popped into the Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard which is just beside Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. The ticket into Nottingham Castle is joint with the Museum so why not?!


This place is filled with memories of old Nottingham life. How the furniture used to be like, how shops used to be like, old posters and adverts, old packaging of chocolates, biscuits etc…


Trying to play shopper and cashier with the old cash register machine but our act failed terribly! hahaha

That was the last place we visited in Nottingham and it was time to head home so back to the train station!

Fortunately for us, a bunch of people took our seats on the train and refused to give it back to us even when we approached them with our tickets! Why is it fortunate?


We get to sit First Class babey!!!

Complete with drinks! Many thanks to the kind train conductor!

With a surprise treat at the end our Nottingham trip had a wonderful finale!

23rd May 2011

Nottingham Day 1

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Woke up early that day although, if I remember correctly, everyone woke up later than planned but it was still early. Err… I guess…

Went down to the first floor (our room was on the highest level) for breakfast which was included in the room rates.

The funny thing was, all we saw that was available was 2 or 3 types of cereal and a jar of milk and the only waiter asked each of us whether we preferred coffee or tea. We thought those were the only food they were serving and secretly thought to ourselves: “What?! Are you serious?!’” Since the rate was a bit high for the room and we wanted to save the money that we would have spent for breakfast we filled our bowls to the brim with cereal and milk like greedy little pigs.


After filling our tummies with cereal and milk I asked a friendly waitress for directions. She was so nice that we chatted a bit. When I was prepared to thank her and say goodbye, she suddenly popped the question: “Are you ready for your full English breakfast?”

All of us were stunned! It turned out that we had a super heavy breakfast. We were so full that we couldn’t eat anymore in the Malaysian Food Fair. I’ll come to that later.

First stop of the day was the Visitors’ Centre of Nottingham which is situated near/at the Old Market Square, if I’m not mistaken.


Asked for direction to University of Nottingham where the Malaysian Games was held and also collect brochures. Then we’re on our way to the Malaysian Games.


Was looking at the map while waiting for the bus.

Having only heard of the Malaysian Games we, or rather I, had no idea what to expect. The only thing that was expected was the crowd. It’s like being back in Malaysian where everywhere you turn there’s the familiar Malaysian slang, the Malaysian tone and Manglish!

I admit, being in a place so full of Malaysian, I was frantically searching for familiar faces. I failed terrible but it found me instead!! There, by the basketball court, someone came up to me, I looked and it’s my primary tutor’s son!! I haven’t seen him since when I was Form 2! I was delighted that we live in such a small small world!


Lots of games were going on when we arrived. The main one that we saw was basketball and netball. We didn’t linger for long as we didn’t have much time. About an hour or so we’re off to the Malaysian Food Fair which is held in another campus.


See how much Malaysians miss Malaysian food?! Lots of stall have sold out their main product when we arrive.

The crowd there that day was triple or more than the crowd in the photo. The place was so packed that the organizers had to block the stairway and let people in by batches.

I bet every Malaysian will go crazy in this place. How is it possible to keep a clear mind when there’s –






Too bad all the walking did not burn off the heavy breakfast we had earlier.What a shame… But it didn’t stop us from fighting over a cup of cendol!


Just kidding… We bought some food to share to satisfy our taste buds. It’s not bad but nothing bets the authentic ones in Malaysia – the taste of home.

Oh, did I mention that Nottingham is beautiful?


I’m not sure if this is still part of University of Nottingham or not but it is very near it. Just imagine laying on the grass on a sunny, breezy afternoon with packed light lunch, fruit juice and a book (preferably not a textbook). Ahh~ heavenly!


Pretty isn’t it? The bus took awhile but there’s no complain. Time wouldn’t be waste in such a beautiful place.


Next stop is Nottingham Castle.


Statue of Robin Hood near the castle. This place is filled with tales of Robin Hood. If I just had the time…


Nottingham castle – the view from the entrance.


View of Nottingham from the castle. It’s not spectacular but the fact that there’s no tall buildings disrupting the skyline produces a clam and peaceful atmosphere.

In my opinion the castle itself has lost its magic. Maybe it is due to that face that it has been rebuilt for a few times. Inside the castle is a museum and a café. There an art exhibition on the top floor when I was there.

The main attraction, to me, lies beneath the castle – Mortimer’s Hole. Mortimer being Roger Mortimer, the lover of Isabella of France.


We actually came back to the castle the next day for this tour. When we got there we found out that the afternoon tour was cancelled! The staff there were so so kind that they kept scratching their heads to help us so that we don’t have to leave with disappointment.

The gentleman in black at the gate was our kind tour guide who offer to take us down the passageway. It was like a personal tour! We were so blessed!

It’s a funny story of how the passageway got its name. Edward the 3rd fought back and took hold of the castle and threw Mortimer down the passageway and sent him rolling all the way down! Mind you, it’s quite a long way down.


Besides that story, this passage holds many interesting stories of the past. How I wish I could learn history this way…

For instance, this place (the picture above) was a station to stand guard and defend the castle. The holes that were craved on the walls were once thought to be for storing cannonballs. However another theory suggests that they were actually craved in hopes to attract birds to nest there. That is because at one time they had difficulty getting food supplying so this was done so that they can have birds or eggs when there’s no food left but the plan failed.


Inside Mortimer’s hole. Of course, the railings were added later in time.

The castle is built on sandstone which easily to craft. I am told that in olden times people craft their homes out of these stones. Man-made caves are made out of these stones to brew wine and ale too.


The foot of Nottingham Castle and the end of Mortimer’s Hole.

Not far away is Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem – the oldest inn in England. Or according to Wikipedia, one of the oldest among 20 drinking establishments in England.


This place is also craved out of sand stone. It is like a like maze with small stairways leading you from one stone chamber into another. A very unique place indeed. I have never dreamt of such a cute place although cute is not really appropriate for a drinking place.


We are exhausted and in need of a break from all the walking so we decided to have our dinner there.


Pictures pictures while deciding what to eat/waiting for food!

and yes, apparently, this old inn is on Facebook. Not so old after all huh? haha…


Food still not here yet… and yes, I don’t get grumpy when I’m hungry. ^^

I’m not done with the camera yet! and yes, there’s no such thing as too many pictures of me.


This almost wrap up the whole day.

At night we strolled along the streets of Nottingham, watched Paranormal Activity 2 which was a no-no, attempted to search for a place to chill but ended up being back in our room playing cards. By the time we hit the sack we could sleep as long as Rip Van Winkle! haha~

12th February 2011

Nottingham 2010

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I found out that there’s something called the Malaysian Games through friends and Facebook which is held in University of Nottingham. Missing Malaysia so much I was very keen on going.

It was a last minute decision so all the bookings and planning were done over night. Lucky for us it’s not a very long trip (3 days 2 nights) but it did meant that we had to pay more for accommodation and train tickets.

So on the 5th of November we embarked on our trip in the evening.


My first visit to Hatfield Station which is a very small station with, I think, only 3 platforms.

My travelling companions –


From left: Ric, Siang and SC.

It is roughly a 2 hours ++ journey from Hatfield to Nottingham and yet we thought we were going on a-month-long journey. Or at least we looked like we thought we were… 8-O


We brought lots and lots of food and snacks which we could not finish.

I was lucky that the B&B I booked is just next to the train station. It saved us lots of trouble as we could quickly check in, dump our luggage and head straight out again.

I forgot the name of the place we booked. All I remember is that it’s a corner lot, it’s a bar on the ground floor and the rooms are located on the few floors above.


Us checking in… and our very ‘nice’ room number –


The room was quite big and had four individual beds. We had a private bathroom but there’s also a common one just a few steps away from our room. There’s also a small TV and tea/coffee making facilities.


We were fascinated by the pole-like handle that we couldn’t stop taking pictures with it.


Oh yes, we were rushing out. Why?

Because it’s Bonfire Night in Nottingham! Held on the Forrest Recreational Grounds of Nottingham, there was a big bonfire (which we’re not allowed to go anywhere near it), fireworks display at 9pm and a funfair!


That was how far away we were from the bonfire. High fences surrounded the bonfire which kept people like, at least, a few hundred meters away. Yes it was for safety precaution but it also kills the fun.

We quickly lost interest in the bonfire and turned our heads to the food and rides of the funfair.


Yummy yummy jacket potato with cheese~


Chocolate coated marshmallows, apples and strawberries anyone?


Burgers, Chips and Hotdogs. Staple food for events such as this.


More food! Toffee apples, popcorn, corn on the cob and, oo~, candy floss! Hmm… come to think of it, I haven’t had candy floss in ages…

After our tummies are filled, it’s time to turn our attention to the funfair!


Photos don’t do justice to the beautiful lights in the funfair. :roll:


The only ride I went on because I KO-ed after that. The victory sign I posed did not help me withstand all the spinning I went through and the nauseous feeling was terrible.

We could not afford too many rides anyway because of the high exchange rates. Even if I did have the money I would have spent it on milder games which did not involve spinning and jerking you up and down. Some people would say it’s a waste of money BUT!


Look at the prizes!!! The teddies are so so cute and they are of much better quality. I swear you could never find such good prizes in Malaysia’s funfair.


Do you see what I mean??

Too bad I didn’t get to bring any home…

Anyway, turning to the highlight of the day –


The fireworks display!

I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic but fireworks possesses a kind of magical power that penetrates a sudden happiness into me. The word for it – Magical.

p/s: This was mean to be a post to re-cap my trip to Nottingham but as usual I get carried away when I submerge myself in memory. It’s just to precious to be shortened or to not be spoken about at all. Hence there’ll be another post or two about my Nottingham trip.

10th February 2011