First Day in UK

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 12:56 am

Proof of how much UK dislike me –


I came all the way here and this is how you greet me??? Dark, gloomy and cloudy…

I kept wondering if the weather will be better if I immediately board a flight back home after all the unwelcoming events and signs. But I guess it’s something that I’ll never know.

Anyway, I still woke up bright and shine because I left all the lights on that night. hehe… As I was still suffering from jet lag I woke up very earlier in the morning despite lacking precious beauty sleep. Got dressed and I was all set to go for a walk around the area.

I would like to think that I was in a I-Don’t-Care attitude. *Points to the sky* I don’t care if you like it or not! Sulk all you want but I’m still gonna walk all over you! Sulk more, I’ll just have to make my footprints deeper!! Take that! *stomp stomp stomp*

Anyway, the first thing I did was to go to the University Learning Resource Centre (LRC), in other words the library, to see if I could get online. I was suppose to sent an email to my parents to let them know that I arrived safe and sound. However I was deprived of the privilege of surfing the net because I was in the Emergency Room.


The road to LRC, the white building in front.

There’s more bad news because I found out that I need my student ID and password to use the computer in the LRC. As I have not enrolled into my course yet I don’t have one. I would have been given a temporarily one if I have gotten the room that I’m supposedly assigned to but because ‘my name is no where to be found on the list’ I guess my identity then was a blur.

It was very quiet in the LRC and I can barely see a soul there. It was kind of creepy actually. Lucky me I found a very kind fella to lend me his account. We chatted a bit and then he showed me around the campus. So lucky that he was a kind soul…

After exploring the campus area, I went exploring outside campus. He showed me the way to The Galleria which is, if I’m not mistaken, then only shopping mall in Hatfield.


As shops here open late and closes early on Sundays, the Galleria wasn’t open yet when I got there. So I went for a walk nearby and took some pictures of, I wouldn’t say landmark, buildings…


University of Hertfordshire, De Havilland Campus.

I should explain… There’s two main campuses. I am at College Lane Campus which is, if I’m not mistaken, the older campus. The student centre, the forum (where the school cafeteria, bar, union shop etc is) and buildings which schools students of art or science are on this campus.

De Havilland campus is the business school of the University. My friends studying marketing or management goes there. On this campus you also find the most expensive student accommodation of the University – the only en-suite room amongst all kinds of accommodation provided. En-suite meaning you get your own bathroom.

The gym and indoor swimming pool is located in De Havilland Campus where College Lane Campus has out door tennis, basketball and football fields. Take your pick!

Law students such as myself have to take a bus to St Albans which is a nearby town about 30 minutes bus ride away. Future law students are luckier because they’ll will be studying in a newly built building (now building) near De Havilland Campus.


Huhu~ I came one year too early…

*Note – If anyone is reading this — All the info above is according to my limited knowledge and understanding of the University. It is in no way official and holds no guarantee as to its accuracy.

Hatfield is a very bland place. There’s nothing much here to see. Other places that I walked by are:


A very nice residential area. Very neat and clean. Perfect feel for a quite life…


It like walking through a little park to get home. So relaxing…


A nearby hotel/motel called The Comet. Cute airplane in front. I heard that Hatfield and the name ‘De Havilland’ has relevance to airplane… some thing about war times… I have no idea and I didn’t bother to check it out. Maybe I will someday when I get curious enough.

Erm… what’s more??! Just pictures of buildings buildings and buildings which I’m not doing to post. The most interesting thing is–


A Wind Mill!!!


Anyway, the Galleria opened at last and I went in to hunt for food.


My very first meal and the very first thing that I bought in UK!

Both the cheapest in the menu – Americano and plain croissant. Super kiam because I was converting thing that comes to sight! Suddenly expert I’m a expert in Maths when I suck at calculating discounts during sales.

So the super kiam me just walked around and only bought necessities like shampoo, dinner and breakfast (for the next day)… like I said, only necessities…

Headed back early because jet lag syndrome was kicking in. During the first week I went to bed like 7 or 8pm and woke up around 5-6am! Crazy~

Anyway, I was back in that lonely, messy Emergency Room. But things happened for a reason. Later that night, I met a girl, who also happened to have her accommodation screwed up by the University, and we’ve stuck together since.

Lucky me, I got my proper accommodation the next day and now I’m staying in –


I kindda miss the telly in the Emergency Room which I had the privilege of watching a 1 or 2 movies during my stay. But… that’s about it. My current place is way better! (except for the telly)

The Time Finally Came…

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 5:51 pm

No matter how much I dreaded it, the time for me to leave for UK finally came… No matter how many things is left undone, time did not allow me to delay my schedule any further. I have already missed orientation and the first week of lecture…

I had to leave… :-(

It was on 2nd of Oct, flight D7 2008 took me away at 1230.

I don’t remember what time I arrived at LCCT but I remember that I arrived with a heavy heart. A feeling that I can still recall clearly as though it was yesterday.

I was in my Dear’s car and my family was in another. I told myself not to cry and tried to push back my tears. But every effort failed miserably at the sight of my dear sisters, Feli and Alexis, who came to sent me off.

No pictures of me departing because I was in an awful state. Red eye and red nose, all swollen.

It felt even worst when I was going into the departure hall. I was on the escalator slowly going up and away… I looked back… My whole family, brothers and all, my dear and my sisters waved at me…

The pain is not so much about me going to a foreign country alone. It is because of leaving my loved ones, everyone who I care about… I guess it’s like death… There maybe fear of what would happen after you die but most of it, I guess, is leaving your loved ones behind…

Oh I cried so badly… Cried while I was on the escalator, cried while sliding my passport into the machine, cried while I was sitting in the departure hall waiting for my flight, cried when I boarded my flight, cried when I saw the couple beside me snuggling and smiling at each other… I’m such a cry baby… :cry:

It was a long long flight… I moved to the seat in front of me as there’s 2 seats vacant  in that row to ‘give the couples some space’.

Thank God I did. There I met a girl who helped me survive the journey or I’ll be bored to death! This girl is the most unique and courageous girl I’ve known. If I remember correctly she just finished high school and she’s going to Manchester to study fashion design! I don’t know her very well but she gave me a deep impression of her. At such a young age, she knew exactly what she wanted, she went for it and she is the boss of herself. I can’t recall anyone I know who is so in charge of her life at her age! I believe there’s great success waiting for her.

Near 1730 (UK time) the plane landed in Stansted Airport. Luggage collection and immigration went smoothly and almost immediately after stepping into the arrival hall I saw my dear’s cousin who so kindly agreed to pick me up at the airport and sent me to Hatfield.

I was so deeply touched when they purposely rented a car just so that they could drive me there! I hardly know them and have never seen them and they’d do that for me!! I am so blessed and so thankful that God sent such kind people to my aid when I felt so alone and, frankly speaking, scared. I don’t know what I’ll do without them. Rebecca and Ronald, thank you so much!

I don’t know how long it took because I was too tired to take any notice of time but I think it was quite late when I arrived at University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield and it was raining… UK don’t like me…

I thought I could finally rest after such a long journey but nooooooooooooo~ I was greeted with ‘great’ news! My name is no where to be found in the accommodation list! GREAT!

I had to sleep in the EMERGENCY ROOM which is a messy confiscated TV room with 7 beds in it. It was messy and it was empty. Empty as in there’s no one there. Just me and my imaginary room mates. Boy, I was at the verge of breaking down! I left all my loved ones for THIS!!!


Butler Hall, the place where the Emergency Room was… The place where I spent my first 2 nights in UK.

Ok, I admit it. I broke down once I was all alone in the lifeless, cold and messy emergency room. I was tired and I was upset and I literally cried myself to sleep with a heart filled with self-pity. But it wasn’t over yet. UK was not done with letting me know how unwelcomed I was.

Sometime in the middle of the night, the alarm sounded. At first I didn’t know it was the fire alarm. Puzzled and frustrated I didn’t know what to do. I peeked out of the window and saw people running out in robes and pajamas and some were half naked. Having no idea what’s going on I blindly joined the group. It was freezing cold outside. Everyone was shivering while the school guards ran into to building to find the cause that led to the sounding of the alarm.

The alarm was turned off after some 10-15 minutes that felt like forever in the icy nighttime and the guards let us in through another entrance. I overheard somebody asking the guards about the alarm then it became obvious that it was the job of a prankster or pranksters! How unlucky could I be! Unfortunately they were not caught! I felt like I was down a shithole at that time…

Oh, did I mention that I got lost for awhile because they couldn’t let us in through the same door where we came out. The place is like a maze with countless doors and narrow hallways which only leads to more doors and more hallways…

Super tired as I was then I fell asleep once my head hit the pillow. I didn’t even have to strength to curse the stupid, heartless and thoughtless pranksters.

The conclusion of the day was UK really doesn’t like me and I don’t like her very much either!

18th January 2011