Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 10:47 pm

Since my blog is reactivated, I thought I’ll start by writing about why it was deactivated in the first place. Reason, simple, I was too busy!

Normally the self-judging side of me will scream – EXCUSES! But not this time… In a harmonious resounding unison voice, every single part/mini character of me say that this time, it is a valid reason.

And so let me story begins –

August – started to  check out tuition fees for UOL external programme in various institutions. Was being advised to continue overseas via credit transfer. As it was very late, I had to submit my application to University of Hertfordshire before I could make a decision. But the decision was already made for me one way or another.

It was a sudden turning point which shook my life to the core. The ground was swept away from under my feet and my world began to shift and change. Everything was a mess in everyway imaginable.

Got the offer letter and the ball began to roll…

September – Had to wait for the University’s letter which contains my CAS number after paying fees deposit. Without it I would not be able to apply for my visa.

Got it on the 7th but the info on was wrong! It says my results in Year 2 LLB (Hons) is from Brickfields Asia College!!! Stupid mistake. Had to ask them to correct it and I waited another 3 days to get it.

Went to submit my visa application. Boy, it took forever just to submit it! Lots of people were there and I bet most of them are without an appointment. I had to be there for like half a day to get things done and I had an appointment. The wait was terrible!

After the wait in the building, there’s a longer wait ahead. And that’s for the visa to actually be done and ready for collection. The initial plan was to fly to UK on the 18th so that I’ll be in time for the orientation but thanks to the visa the plan was delayed till further notice. Which means I’ll have to leave once and get my visa and I don’t know when exactly it’s going to be. The situation sucked big time!

Meanwhile I have to pack my things in my room in Subang for it to be moved back to Ipoh for I will not be there to do it when tenancy terminates. Try to meet up with as many friends as possible which is a terrible failure because there’s too much to do and too little time.

To make things worst is all the mixed feeling jumbled up inside me. The efficient side of me want things done. When will my letter come? Why are they so inefficient? I must get my visa done. Why is it taking so long? etc etc… The reluctant side of me wishes things to be delays or for it to go wrong. The later the better. Please reject my visa application. Delay my flight please~

All in all the word that best describe September is – excruciating! The wait is excruciating! The feeling of being torn apart is excruciating! The turning point of my life is too sharp. So sharp that it pokes into my heart and the pain is excruciating!

Everything was such a mess and I felt too broken to fix things… This post may not make any sense. It only will to those close enough to know what I was going through then.

In such a time updating my blog is the last on my list… There too much for me to care about that I had none to spare for a lifeless and emotionless thing like my blog.

8th January 2011

MIA-ed Big Time!

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 2:16 am

This is by far the longest period that I’ve been missing in action. After such a long time of not writing I have considered giving up my blog but, nah, I think I can still salvage it. 8-)

In order not to break sequence of my achieve which is publicly displayed in the little side bar on the left to camouflage the little pause in my blog’s lifeline I’ll set the date back to 2010 while recording the actual date in the post itself. Hopefully I’ll be able to adjust it back to real time very soon.

I’ll try to write about the things that happened during the months that I have missed to keep the content and date relevant but this is not a promise as it will depend on how well my memory serves me.

With that, I declare that my blog will be up and going soon!

5th January 2011