A Harry Potter Reader At Last

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 4:13 pm

In my birthday post I have deliberately failed to mention the birthday present my Dear gave me. Well, I felt that it deserve an entry of its own so here it is –


All 7 Harry Potter books!!! :mrgreen:

I know some girls may feel that it’s a bit nerdy to give books as presents but I am kind of nerdy in a non text book way. hehe

I first saw this set of Harry Potter series selling in the Popular Bookstore in Kinta City, Ipoh and I desired it. Of course, besides being tempted to read the Harry Potter series I am also attracted by the beautiful packaging.


The books come in a magnificently designed box with a different magical object/place as shown on the cover of each book decorating its sides! Pretty~

I have planned to save up and splurge on this but it turned out that my Dear did not give me the chance to! Thank you so so much!

FYI, I have never read a single Harry Potter book because 1) I’m not usually attracted to the things the things masses are crazy about. 2) The first Harry Potter book did not attract me because I was into Asian Writers then. 3) I can’t stand the wait so I might as well not start.

But now, since it’s all out and everyone (as in Harry Potter readers) says that the book is much much better than the movies and many a times cursed the producers after watching them so I thought I might as well read them. And also I can finish in time before the last Harry Potter movie is released!

And so start my Harry Potter journey. After each book my Dear will watch the movie with me and I find myself acting as the Harry Potter fans did. I understand now, I am enlighten…

The first movie was still ok but then it was down hill there on. I hated the fact that they cut out scenes and storyline and added crap into the mix, i guess, for the ‘Hollywood effect’. And I am terribly disappointed to find that some of the scenes that I looked forward to seeing them gets filmed is cut out, not mentioned at all!!!!

And I get puzzle over the fact the JK Rowling let the filmmakers ruin her work! Why didn’t she defend it? Did her heart break not when she sees what kind of crap they make out of her work???  :-?

Books on the other hand were great. I got sucked into the magical world instantly and I was flying through the pages. My mind was making a Harry Potter movie of its own with every book I finish.

Things started to make lots of sense now that I getting information out of the book no thanks to the filmmakers! I finished the whole series in less than 2 months! I would be able to finish it in less than a month if not for the fact that I have to travel.

I did feel sad when I finally finish reading all 7 books. It was a mixed feeling when I reached the last few pages of the 7th book – while anticipating the grand finale there’s also a urge to hold back and not let it end. Overall it was a great read and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

However I am left with some question marks hanging when I close my last book.

Didn’t Lily’s protection expired when Harry Potter left his Uncle’s house for good? So why is it that it still work and Harry can go back to life?

And why is it that Harry Potter have the choice of going back to life when he died voluntarily to protect those who mattered to him and Dumbledore could didn’t?

There are more questions that I needed answers but I won’t bombard them here. Maybe if I read the books again I’ll be enlighten… :-)

A Belated Happy Birthday to Myself

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 10:41 pm

Finally, I found my camera cable! I haven’t been able to find my camera cable lately and so I can’t load pictures into my computer because I don’t have a memory card reader.

Also one of the reasons why I can’t been blogging much lately. (ahem, excuses, ahem) :oops:

Now that I have my pictures, not many because I lost my interest to snap thinking I couldn’t use them anyway, I will blog about ancient events. Let me start with my birthday on the 7th of May.

Days before my birthday I was feeling quite depressed because every year there’s difficulties celebrating my birthday as it falls on the unfortunate month of May when everyone is at their busiest and stress level raises to a dangerous point.

It wasn’t that bad years ago when I was still staying in Damansara Jaya because I had my housemates, or at the very least, I had my loyal roommate who made quite sure it’ll be an occasion. Nothing big and fancy but a very warm one.

A group of friends will gather for dinner no matter how busy they were and as a friend told me recently that she fail an assignment because she came for my birthday dinner celebration and she never fails, as so she claimed if my memory did not fail me.

Now, living away from them, getting together is hard. And also they’ve graduated and started working. So I started having quieter birthday celebrations which is not a bad thing because the warmth of it has never dampen but I do miss my bunch of friends really much… :cry:

Anyway, it hit me harder this year because I’m not taking any examinations and so I had a lot of time in my hands when everyone’s pot of work is boiling hot and steaming.

It struck me that the situation will never change and every year, no matter what, it’ll always be the same. I’ll never have my bunch of friends back! I know I sound like a puppy whining for more when my bowl is still full, making a big fuss about something which is not exactly matters of life and death but it did hit me hard. Maybe it’s because I had too much time to think…

However, on my birthday eve I decided that I have to snap out of it and so I embarked on a journey of peace and quiet… to Sunway Pyramid. I will enjoy being on my own, tranquilize in the aura that surrounds me, making peace with solitary. 8-)

My dose of instant peace and happiness…

My favourite Norwegian Smoke Salmon and Egg Sandwich can instantly bright up my day! Then I sat there quiet sipping ice fruit tea while reading The Secret Garden, a wonderful book which was once made into a movie that I like very much but still can’t find it because it was a very old movie, looking up once in a while to watch the ice skaters.

When I felt that I’ve sat there long enough I went for a stroll along the aisles of the shopping center taking my own sweet time in searching for a birthday present for myself. I wanted a pair of shoes of a certain design, and I’m quite particular about having the design that I had in mind, so I went on a hunting spree. :-)

And guess what?! I found it! That very design that I made up in my mind! Although the outlet didn’t have my size, I am told that the outlet in Times Square has it and they will hold it for me for a week! Was super excited and super happy about it! And my Dear took me to Times Square the very next day! :-D

Here is the shoe which got me all pumped up! It looks a bit squashed up because it was kept in a box for quite some time but it’s still a beauty!

Happy Birthday to Me and I’m Happy! :mrgreen:

Still on the 6th of May, everything was going perfectly well until some guy who couldn’t understand the word NO approached me wanting me to have a drink with me. But it was only a minor hiccough and I was not going to let something as insignificant as this ruin MY DAY!

Later in the evening my Dear came over to my place to pick me up for dinner. We headed to KLCC and had a nice meal in San Francisco Steakhouse. I guess we were starving at that time and laid all our concentration on the food because I forgot to take any pictures.

After dinner my Dear took me to Sky Bar. I have always wanted to go there and my Dear had actually planned to take me there on our very first Valentine’s Day but the servers there screwed up the table bookings. I think I didn’t know my Dear was going to take me there or I would have dressed up.

A nice view of the Twin Towers + champagne = bliss

We tried to take pictures of us with the Twin Towers but all of it turned out looking awkward. Well, I guess the Twin Tower looks good without people blocking the view.

And I think champagne will be my new favourite alcoholic drink.

The drink I’m holding in the picture is not pure champagne though, we toasted it at the strike of twelve and I finished it because it was so so goooooood~ , it’s champagne mixed with peach I think.

ON MY BIRTHDAY, my Dear took me to Times Square because I so badly want THE pair of shoes and it was a simple and nice day out filled with lots of love!

I had a wonderful surprise when a friend called to wish my Happy Birthday all the way from UK! Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate every warm wishes from my friends and family. It’s just that I never expect to receive an oversea call! That certain friend had shot my happiness level to a bursting tip!

Super Duper Happy!!!

One more surprise awaits me at home – A cake from both my brothers!

Thank you everyone, friends and family, for remembering and making my day! I had a wonderful birthday, special thanks to my Dear who made the effort the celebrate it with me in the midst of assignments and examinations.