The Month I Went Missing

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 12:19 am

June, the month I went missing…

I went missing from my blog for I was lost in the pages of books… I entered into the worlds of others which refused to free me. I was bounded by the clutches of the plots and have to drift along the flow of the story until I reached the shore of the final page.

I went missing from my blog for I went wandering… I wandered from Subang to JB, to Singapore, to Ipoh, to Penang then back to Ipoh and Subang again. Too caught up with my wanderings, I can’t even stay still in one place let alone sit still in front of my computer.

I went missing from my blog for I was busy admiring the colours of life… Trip to Penang painted blue, cousin’s wedding painted red, a gathering of relatives painted orange, holidaying with my mom painted yellow, stays with my dear painted pink, friends’ hang out painted green and time alone painted purple. The colours of life, the things that I will cherish and carry with me into my future of shining white light…

I went missing from my blog in the month of June but I will not let June be missing from my blog. And so this late post will be filed under June though it’s written in July for I went missing in the month of June.