My Blog Turns 1!

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Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to bloggie,

Happy birthday to you!

In a blink of an eye, my blog has turn 1! Time really flies… =)

Sights of Kelab Golf Negara Subang

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Last Friday, 30th of April, is probably my last or one of the last few visits to Kelab Golf Negara Subang (KGNS). Lately things seems to happen in the beginning of the month and end with it… Anyway, back to the topic, this is the place where I attended law classes for the past three years or more.

My first time there was when I was attending extra law classes for my A-levels examinations. I was studying in KDU then but we had extra classes there instead. From then onwards, I’ve always attended classes there with the late Mr A (I actually thought twice about linking this back to my post about the terrible loss. It’s not something that I want to remember but it’s also a memory that I want to hold on to dearly. Therefore, in the end, I’ve decided it should be reminded despite the pain), the awesome teacher which made me abandon college, Uni and other learning institutions.


Such a place with so many memories which has found its way to be part of me must be made into something more permanent, more solid and vivid for I may never go back again and it will eventually be a place that only exist in my mind and imagination. What better way to concretise this treasured memory than a post and pictures of this place?!

Memoirs of the days in KGNS begins after being stuck in a jam for sometime:-

Camwhored while stuck in jam and waiting for the traffic light to turn green on LDP. It’s a bit blur but it’s the blurriness that makes me like this picture much. Don’t know why…

I'm on my way...

The Drive In. After being greeted by the arches of the KGNS entrance, we’ll be greeted by the guards. Sometime they will let us pass without stopping us but sometime they’ll ask our purpose of going into the club (most students are not members of the club).

When they do ask, we’ll often have to stop at a place near the arches to register ourselves and place a placard stating ‘VISITOR’ on our dashboards. If we’re in luck, we don’t have to go through the hassle, be it they are out of ‘VISITOR’ placards or that they’re just plain lazy.

Than it’ll be a peaceful drive into the club with green scenery on both sides…

on my rightand right again...

on the right (above) and the left (below).

on my left

In front, you’ll be greeted by two rows of trees, saluting while you make your way in…

saluting trees

Not a very clear view of the saluting trees but it’s there. And yes, I was snapping while driving but I was driving REAL slow… And there’s hardly any cars.

After a while, you’ll see two buildings, the main building where the restaurants and ballroom is located, and the not-so-main building.

not-so-main building

The not-so-main building is where the classes are held.

After passing this building, further up the road, the road will spilt into two. Left to parking P4 and right to parking P5, where the visitors are allowed to park.

guests only??

Recently there’s a sign at the entrance stating the P4 is now open to visitors too but I still stick with what I’m used to – turning right, passing the car wash center, into this -

i can see addie's car!

Long rows of parking lots… Sometimes it’s quite empty, like how it is in the photos, but other times it can be very full. Luckily there wasn’t a time that I could get a parking.

Then we’ll have to walk across the parking lots to the not-so-main building. Right in front of the building, there’s a little oasis of serenity.

the oasis

It can be seen while driving pass the buildings into the parking lots. It is a lovely place to be in like a small island of paradise. You can just sit there and chat while looking at the fishes swimming in the pond and be amused by the tortoises that keeps trying to climbing out of the pond.


There was a time when I used to making calls while waiting for my class to start in the evening and often find myself in this little piece of paradise.


And from the main entrance of the building is this:-

entrance of the not-so-main building

I took a quick snap while walking in so it’s a bit senget. hehe… bear with me… :-)

Walk in and on the left is a corridor where the seminar rooms are and also where my classes are held.

the corridor

We use seminar room 2 which is the room further down the corridor.

A peek into seminar room 2:-

seminar room two

We used to have more tables and chairs but they sometimes get stolen/missing and we’ll have to steal them back. Usually from this hole in the wall -

hole in the wall

Hehe… it’s not a hole. It’s a partition that separated seminar room 1 and 2. The fastest and easiest way to smuggle tables and chairs over. ;-)

The sight of ‘learning in progress’:-

law students you don't mess with

Nah, we were actually having a break when I snapped this. But they were still learning and discussing about, erm, Dworkin?

As this is one of the two places where we spent most of our time in KGNS, I go sentimental over every object:-

you're cold~

Air-con that are often too cold and we have to plea for it to be turned off and in the process being given the hate-stare and also being accused of going to class naked.

It is also one of the means ‘Uncle Lim’ use to disturb us.  :lol: Maybe ‘he’ got cross with us for not noticing ‘him’ when we concentrate to much in class. lol… (an inside story/rumour)

Another means ‘Uncle Lim’ love to use is this:-

haunted door

The door at the far end of the room. Sometimes we get knocks on the door or it shakes people will go ‘Uncle Lim Uncle Lim’ when it’s often the workers who did it. Same goes to the footsteps we hear that comes from corridor outside.

Funny things and fun times… Class was never boring. Ok, maybe sometimes it was but rarely.

Before I move on to the second place that we spend most of our time in, there is an insignificant place in KGNS where you might forget about it but can’t miss it or even afford to not visit it when you’re here for 3 years+. And that’s,

Toilet. hehe

The Loo!  8-O (I told you everything is sentimental.)


Can’t help snapping a picture of myself. I can feel lots of  :roll: right now. hahaha…

Ok, the second place we use to hung out the most is the Pool Terrence aka our cafe/canteen.

Pool Terrence

Addie, Debbie and Kalash are already hanging out at one of the tables.

We spent our time here while waiting for class to start and for our dinner/breakfast and talks with our good ol’ teacher.

Popular food we order are: tom yum soup/meehon, nasi paprik, nuggets, nasi goreng tom yum tambah telur mata, keoy teow soup, sandwiches, cucur udang so on and so forth…


The management of this place changed a few times so the quality of the food sometimes varies. One thing that doesn’t change throughout the years is us, still always hang out there. And maybe, also, the fact that we will, and, almost, must order our drinks before class or to bring to class.

my nescafe tarik is sentimental too!

Me and my usual, nescafe tarik.

During the earliest time, it used to be teh tarik and teh O limau ordered alternately. Lately it has changed to nescafe tarik. Only if I’ve already had coffee early in the day then I’ll order teh tarik.

the counter

This is the counter where we order and pay. For payment, as we not members of the club, we pay cash we pay with coupons which can be purchased at the counter.

Sitting in the Pool Terrence can be very relaxing when we’re not talking about academic stuff. Just look at the view that greets us!

the pools we nvr get to swim in

The sun was in its best when I took this picture but I can assure you that it is a great view to look at when the sun is shining, being kind and gentle. Kids playing in the pool, watching people swimming… I can just stare and day dream.

As you can see in the picture, rain clouds’ on its way. The wind was getting rough and then, it poured. Not necessarily a bad thing because the rain has its beauty too. It gives us another side of KGNS.

rain drops in KGNS

Now, not forgetting the most important element which gives life to this experience/memory – the people, my classmates.

study study study

The three bookworms! hahaha…

They normally not so bookworm-y. It’s because of the up coming exams and they are hating me for being so cheerful and happy snapping away because I’m not taking them this year! :-D

yipee, no exams!

Me and my empty table space.

And, there are also others attending classes here but for now and this class it’s just us.

go away! I'm trying to study!

Debbie, who refused to pose for me but she was a darling and gave me a great big smile in the end.

smiley deb

see, big big smile… :mrgreen:

Kalash, on the other hand, rather layan her BB than to layan me! :-x

not layan-ing me

I only got to conquer and make her succumb to my camera during class! :twisted:

forceful smile. haha...

Haha… nola, she did smile for my camera but she told me not to upload it.

Hehe… just this one Kalash. :-P

Then, there Addie

She was the only one I knew when I first came here for classes as she was with me during A-levels in KDU. I didn’t know her well then but I was really, super glad that she was there. Kalash did A-levels with us too but she joined us later during revision.


What are you looking? A colour to highlight my book.

yay! purple!

Found it!

Haha… Addie and her colours. You’ll see what I mean.

bright pencil case you never loose

Addie’s BRIGHT and COLOURFUL pencil case.

colourful Addie

Check out her apparels! BRIGHT PURPLE sandals and a multi-coloured top.

and, and, and…

bangles, bangles, bangles

her COLOURFUL bunch of bangles!

There one more thing about my three comrades in battle, except this year, is their notes which distinguishes them from one another.

Here Kalash’s -

Kalash's notes

Neat and tidy. Black and white.

And Debbie’s -

Deb's notes

Her signature, eye-squinting notes. Sometimes with a dash of colour.

And Addie’s -

Addie's Concept of Law

Contrasting green and bright pink!

This is not her most colourful and these aren’t notes but you get the point. haha…

Anyway, I love the three of you lots and I could never have made it this far without you guys. You made this journey so much better and easier that I can’t imagine how I’ll get through it next year, all by myself. We’ve been through think and thin together, although it may not be much but it is enough to the friendship we had special. I’ll certainly miss the times we had together in KGNS. Thank you for everything.

Please keep in touch after all this and get together often. (God, I feel like hugging you guys right now) It’s been great knowing and having you guys. And once again, thank you so so much…

people who I'll never forget

This is KGNS which much of my 3 years+ evolves around. Class – KGNS, failed-to-planned parties – KGNS, talks about studies and future – KGNS…

All of these, so insignificant when you’re at it but such a huge part taken out when all of this comes to an end. It’s one of the things that creeps silently and slowly into your life, so unnoticeable at first but so cherished and treasured in the end.

This is one of the things that I want to hold on tightly to but it just slips away with time to become a memory, a place where I can only visit in my mind and imagination.