My First Chick Lit

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 12:37 pm

Well, I like to read and I basically read anything. I don’t have a preferred author or a preferred kind of books. I like to pick them randomly. Whatever suits my liking and interests.

Although, in these past few years, books that caught my eye are mainly written by Asian writers and memoirs, biography. I guess I like to be fascinated by stories that are REAL but I’m still open.

I think I have quite a good mix of books on my bookshelf but I have never ever read a chick lit. I don’t really know why. Somehow I feel that they are less interesting, as in their stories might be very predictable and cliché.

During my time in Ipoh, My Dear and I kind of visited every major bookstore in Ipoh. There’s really nothing much to do in Ipoh so ransacking bookstores is very entertaining. I think it’s because both of us like books. =)

So we went into a second-hand bookstore in Ipoh Parade, Novel Hut, and started to ransack it. My Dear was looking for a particular book and I was looking randomly while helping him look for his. I saw this book lying on the shelf and thought: why not give it a try? It’s only Rm14.

Memoirs Are Made Of This by Swan Adamson

The book is in fairly good condition although the cover is a bit tainted but, who cares, it’s cheap. It doesn’t matter if I don’t like it, it’s cheap. For a kind of book and I’ve never read before, when better to give it a try? It’s so cheap! 8-O

It took me a few days to finish the book, I can’t remember exactly how many days. It was light hearted, a good book for light reading when you don’t want to be too emotionally attached to the characters or use up too much brain power.

However I find that the story and illustration not as rich as novels like The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.


Of course, they are totally different kinds of books, maybe catering for different purposes and a totally different kind of audience.

I find that the first allows you to see into the heroin’s world through her eyes, you can stand and observe her life from the outside. The latter absorbs you into their world, letting you feel as the characters feel, breath as they do. The first one lets you unwind and read relaxingly while the latter tugs on your heart and make your emotions flow with the plot.

Different as they are, they are both good for different reading purposes. Now I have one more choice of books to add to my little library.  :-)

p/s: I’m gonna have a real big library one day. Ideally like the one in Beauty and the Beast. ;-)