Sweet Thangs of Near Past

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 1:57 am

I have been holidaying so much in Ipoh during the half end of Dec that my blog was on holiday with me!

I have so many things that I wanted to blog about but couldn’t be bothered right now now that it is the happenings of LAST YEAR.

However there is one thing that I must keep a record about. I have blogged about the spirit of giving during Christmas so now, in this post, I want show my appreciation to those who have shown me the spirit of giving.

My very first Christmas present in 2009 is from Debbie. I really suck at ‘do not open until Christmas’ and I opened it once I reached home.

body butterMy second Christmas present is from my Dear.


Ain’t it a cutie??

I’ve been eyeing on it for, I think, a few month but never thought of actually buying it. Maybe I fantasized a bit but never had plans on buying it because it is so so expensive.

The most special part of this bear-rug is its fur.

rosey fur

Look! Roses on fur!

Thank you Dear…

Then I receive this lovely necklace from Addie before I leave Subang for Ipoh.

fairy pendant

A pretty, dainty fairy necklace. Love it so much!

In Ipoh, my dear sis got me 2 tops from Body Glove.


Nice and casual, just what I need. Only the closest people can buy clothes that suits you in size and taste. =)

Next, I ordered my very very special toy few days past Christmas. And when I say special, it is very special to me.

I received it a week after my order. 

my toy

my sexy toy

Hot red… Me likey…

This is my very first laptop which I have a special someone to thank. This post is the very first post I am writhing with my laptop.

It is so small, so convenient that I can easily slip it into my tote bag and I don’t have to be worried about being bored whenever I’m outside. I’ll bring it out to occasions that I might have to sit and wait for some time. =)

And and and…

couple laptops

Couple Laptops!!!!

My Dear’s is black and big; Mine is red and petite. Lovely…

I wanted to briefly write about my Christmas dinner with my Dear but I think that will be too much for this post. I think the Christmas dinner will just have to wait till the next post then…

Sweet Thangs

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 11:51 pm

Met up with Addie and Kalash for tea this afternoon at this great place called Wondermilk in Damansara Uptown. I am so so in love with this place!

Every corner of this place is so nicely done up.

the bar counter

A view of the bar counter where you order and pay for your food.

cozy corner

A cozy lil corner.

The furniture here are not synchronized at all. It looked like the owner were running out of budget and decided to get their furniture at various junk yard sales.

Although I sound like I’m mocking but I’m not. It’s actually a good thing because it added a touch of uniqueness to this place. I think the furniture here are mostly old ones. Notice the maroon coloured sofa at in the picture above? It looks like the sofas we used to sit on while waiting for our turn to see the doctor when visiting a clinic.

creative corner

A more creative and livelier corner of the cafe. Kids would love it!

washroom with an attitude

And they didn’t forget the washroom… The roughness of the wall and its colour gave it some ‘attitude’, don’t ya think?

Now for the spotlight of this place, as I perceive it, is —

cute cupcakes

It’s adorable cup cakes! Don’t they look pretty??

strawberry dream

I just heart this one. It’s called strawberry dream.


Can’t help it…. Must camwhore with it before it disappears into my mouth.

Oh ya, not forgetting the baked potato here. It’s heaven…. Hmm…

turkey and cheese baked potato

It comes with a salad too. I know it doesn’t look much in this pic but it is heavenly… Love it love it love!!!!

I am so going back to this place!

Debbie, you should have come!


Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 4:58 pm

Wow… It’s been such a long time since I’ve last updated my blog. There is so many things that I want to blog about!

Well, there was a lot going on lately. First, there is the Christmas and New Year holiday which everyone is busy having fun, then there is the UOL crisis going on, now the crisis is still going on and on and on and I wonder when it’ll finally end. Ok, I’m also to blame for, for being careless, absent minded, lazy, indecisive etc.

Let me focus on the now part at this moment.

I am having a huge dilemma right all because of UOL!!!! Yes, I am putting the blame on UOL! If not for UOL I wouldn’t have to go through this dilemma! If not for UOL I wouldn’t have to worry so much! If not for UOL… If not for UOL everything will be smooth sailing!

Ok, maybe not that smooth but certainly better.

In short, I have to pick up another subject right now in which the exams is in less than 5 months! It sounded so mission impossible and scary. Not to mention that I MUST get a good grade this time. The issue here is to differ the examinations to next year, buying myself more time, or damn it and carry on.


Me1 : Wa… less than 5 months, really can make it meh?

Me2 : Aiya, don’t care la… Just do it.

Me1 : But the fees is RM4000+ wor. Not a small amount. If fail then RM4000+ wasted!

Me2 : Everyone says it’s doable so should be ok. Just study kao kao la….

Me1 : I know must studying kao kao la but can guarantee or not? Not just pass only you know, must be good!

Me2 : Other people can do it, you also can one.

Me1 : ……. But really risky leh. Paying up Rm4000+ when you have zero knowlegde of the subject…

Me2 : Then if next year only take exam can guarantee get really good results meh?

Me1 : I don’t dare guarantee also because I thought the Land Law paper can get at least 50+ but cannot…

Me2 : If you take 1 more year but don’t get the desired results then 1 year wasted.

Me1 : Err…

Me2 : If really like that then just carry on with the degree then go masters better.

Me1 : But I really want to get better grades for degree!

Me3: Aiya, both of you stop arguing la! Just flip a coin and decide la!

Me1&2 : HAR!!! Want meh?!!

ARGH! Kill me!

*continues to bang head agianst wall*

P/S : btw, this is the 1st post of the year + using my first ever laptop. :-D