Wish List To Santa

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 3:23 pm

Dear Santa,

Mommy says that you

gives present to good

children. I am good so can

you bring me something


I did not write to you

last year and last last year

and last last last year

because I have nothing to

ask for. But now I do…

Can you give me a degree

cert so that I don’t have to

study anymore? I don’t like

it… And daddy can put

more money in the piggy


And if I am a really really

good girl next year,can you

please give me a master

cert? I promise to be really

really really good.

And Santa, can you also

give me one of those square

hats and black clothes with

big big selves with the cert?

Then I can take a picture

wearing them with mommy

and daddy.

Thank you Santa. I love you.

I also like your reindeers

very much. Maybe if I am

super good I could pet

them and feed them? I’ll be

very very careful. I won’t

hurt them, I promise.



The Spirit of Giving

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 2:48 pm

Christmas, besides the religious aspect, is all about the Spirit of Giving. All kinds of charity being held (not that they are not usually held but I think people are more willing to give during Christmas), exchanging if gifts, Boxing Day, Santa comes into the picture stuffing children’s stocking with presents etc.

I personally endorse the spirit of giving. I love the process of choosing presents, wrappers, cards, ribbons, wrapping them… It is indeed a joyous act although it can sometimes be tedious and burns a hole in the wallet. But the joy and happiness you get when you see how happy and please the receivers are is worth every trouble in the world. :mrgreen:

colourful Christmas trees

I buy Christmas present every year and lover doing it. Usually I only buy three to four presents but this year I decided to expand the scope of my receivers by a teeny weeny bit.

I’m not Santa you know although I love to be him someday or be like him. Due to my limited $$$ and abilities I got presents for my immediate family and also a few special people in my life.

Christmas present to give away

Looky, all nicely wrapped up!

There’s not many but I’m already broke from buying all these. But but but, I”m not regretting. Just looking at them and imagining their receivers opening them is enough to put a smile on my face.

I know there are talks about Christmas is not eco-friendly and all, going on about trees being chopped down to hang ornaments, increased paper wastage because of wrappers and cards and not to mention the pollution because of the manufacturing.

Although the facts are correct, I feel that it is bullshit. Christmas only comes once a year and what is life without celebration! Talking about presents, who said it must be a waste of paper? Ain’t the joy it brings worth it?

pretty wrappers

Moreover, you don’t have to throw the used wrappers into the bin, you could take it to a recycling center with your old newspaper or use it to wrap other things is you’re careful enough when you open your present. You can also choose to use wrappers made of recycled paper. Make the best out it. Condemnation is not necessary.

If you really want to be fussy about the environment, aim it that things which are really harmful first before shooting everything else. Go fuss about the smoke producing by smokers. It’s not good for health, the smokers’ or innocent souls around, and it pollutes the air. With all the talk about saving mother nature, deal with them first instead of Christmas. And I believe mother nature will be happy to see people happily celebrating and spreading love. We need that!

Christmas letters

Anyway, back where I was, this year I’ve decided to write letters instead of the usual cards. It’s because I have too much to say and I don’t think cards cramped with words is a delightful sight.

I happened to have green and red envelopes, so Christmassy!

And guess what, I got my first Christmas present of the year!  :-D

My first Christmas present this year!

Thanks Debbie! It’s so cute!

Me pressie


Me likey

Strawberry body butter! The packaging is so so nice. I love it! Thanks again!

It goes really well with my strawberry umbrella. I think I have to go home and dig it out.

Law Lecture

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 9:57 pm

Last Tuesday, December 15th 2009, I attended my first ever Law Lecture. It’s the 23rd Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture to be exact. As a law student, I am so embarrassed to say that I did not know that such a thing existed!  :oops: Thanks to Debbie and Addie, I know now…

The best, to me, about the this event is that the admission is free! No need money! All you need to do is to pick up the invitations cards in UM and I think also the British Council.

Invitation Card

The invites are so nicely done. Makes you feel special even though anyone can walk in and ask for an invitation.

This time, The Right Honourable Lord Mance, Justice of the Supreme Court of United Kingdom, is giving a lecture on ‘The Changing Roles of Independence Judiciary’.

I find it saddening that they’ve changed the court of highest authority, which is the House of Lords, into the Supreme Court. The House of Lords sounded more authoritative, grander and more English.

inside of the card

Anyway, back to the topic, the dress code of the day is lounge suit which means I need something somewhat formal. Sadly, there is nothing formal in my wardrobe, at least not in Subang. And the already super broke me need to splurge on formal wear.  :cry:

Why is it that there is always some necessary spending when I am broke?!! I hoped over to Subang Parade and Sunway Pyramid and found a pair of decent slacks at Blook and a purple shirt at Pots-1 (love the purple colour).

On a bright and sunny afternoon, we (me and my dear) set off to KL. The event was held in Mandarin Oriental and so we parked out car in KLCC and walked over.

Ballroom in Mandarin Oriental

A glimpse of the ballroom in Mandarin Oriental. Don’t dare to snap around because the people there are all so upright and formal.

It was really something big, well of course it was for the Sultan was attending, and I was really quite amazed. Once we stepped into the hotel there were ushers everywhere, ready to usher any guest that’s coming through the doors, big or small. Big as in diplomats and small as in us, students.

It was an one hour lecture by Lord Mance and I would say it was OK. Honestly, I didn’t get much out of it and I think the woman sitting beside me fell asleep. 8-O

After the lecture ended, the civilized went wild over food that were waiting on the opposite side of the doors. Those people were really fast and by the time I got out the buffet table was flooded with people queuing up in a few lines for the food. We can barely see what kinds of food were served!

We gave up and took pictures with the Christmas tree instead.


All of us who attended looking very professional with our blazers on.

From left: Addie, Debbie, Kalash, Me and My Dear.

gal power!

Us, girls… I didn’t even have formal wear so not to mention a blazer. Thanks to Addie who so kindly and generously lend one of hers to me. Thank you!

~Dear dear and I~

My dear who took the time out to accompany me to this event, driving all the way from SK to KLCC, even though his exams is coming up. Thank you dear!

Since we were too civilized (or maybe lazy) to fight over food we settled with some comfort food in KLCC.

Haagen Daz everyone!!

chocolate madness

This is Kalash’s… erm… forgotten the name but I’ll call it chocolate madness.

Kalash indulging

Eyes closed + Big Smile = Pure Chocolate Indulgence

Addie with a big smile.

Addie with her Tiramisu ice-cream with cream. Happy happy~ Hope to see you with a big smile on your face always…


Debbie with her Tiramisu ice-cream, satisfying her tiramisu and cheese craving. =)

Me and MY ice-cream

Mine! Rum and raisin + Summer Berries with cream in a cone! Yummy~

Ok, it’s not all mine. I share with my dear dear. :-D

share share...

Thanks to Kalash for all the joy and comfort this ice-cream session has brought us. Next time belanja u =)