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I stumbled upon a particular site yesterday while I was blog hopping. It is so intriguing that I must pen it down so that I won’t forget.

This is the site:

It is a photo-base journal about the author’s days with his father. The photos and wordings are so touching that it made me think of my own parents and how much I love them.

Going through his site, I fear what he went through but I know it is inevitable. At one point of life, I will have to go through that phrase and I will then fully understand what he felt.

Till then, the only thing I can do right now, at this very moment, is to cherish my family, count my blessings and be thankful.

I must say that I feel that I am the most blessed person on earth to have such a wonderful family, be surrounded by so many people who loves me and to grow up in a well-off environment. What more could I ever ask for??!

The greatest blessing among all is to have my mum and dad to nurture me, care for me, love me and educate me. Although I do feel some of my friends have cool mums and dads but I would not trade anything for mine for I know they are the best for me.

I remember, when I was young, how my dad spoilt me, how my mum scolded me, how I sulked over things my parents wouldn’t get me, how my parents fussed over me when I was sick, how much effort they put in to help me with my math (which I still suck in)… So many memories as proof of their love for me

I only wish that God will allow me time to take care of them in the future. Keep me on track so that I won’t loose myself to my own life like how I see many did.

Bless my parents with healthy minds, souls and bodies so that they may live their life too the fullest with me providing for them like how they did for me.

I still need more time to show my love for them. I still need more time to do more things for them. I still need more time with them. Just allow me more time so that there won’t be any regrets or have any things left undone or any words left unsaid.

May they age with grace, with peace in mind and happiness at heart.

Cooking: Eastern vs Western

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I have been cooking back to back, 2 days in a row and I am quite satisfied with my accomplishment.

On Saturday (21st of November 2009), I made rice noodles with soup in the afternoon. Yums…


Hot soup noodles on a cold day – Perfect!

The soup is made of Chinese cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and marinated chicken. As I felt that our Anjinomoto or artificial taste enhancers in take is too high due to long term of eating out, I try to make my dishes as ‘pure’ as possible.

On Sunday night (22nd of November 2009), I decided to go Western.


Black pepper pork chop with boiled veggies and garlic butter Portobello mushrooms and chicken strips.

I am most proud of my achievement in the garlic butter Portobello mushrooms and chicken strips. Love the taste!

This is the first time I attempt Western style dishes and I am quite glad with the result. I think I will make more attempts in future. :-)

A Surprise, Blackout & Pancakes

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On 17th of Nov my brother, JJ, and I went all the back to Ipoh to surprise my mum on her birthday. Nobody knows about it except for my dear and my youngest brother, YJ.


We left after having lunch in Island Cafe, ss2. It drizzled a bit in certain places but luckily it wasn’t very heavy. Once we arrived in Ipoh we headed to Deli Garden to get a cake.

It was 6pm+ when we got home. I called YJ to open to automatic gate, as I did not have the remote, so that out mum won’t know when we were driving in. When she saw us I could tell that she was very happy and, of course, surprised. She was even worried that she did not cook enough rice for us all. LOL~

At night, around 10.30pm, we brought the cake out and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to my mum. Her face shone of happiness… :mrgreen:

Stupid Match!

The uncooperative match won’t light up. My mum says it’s to old.

Happy Birthday

See how happy my mum was? *beaming*

The present on the right was from me, the cake from both my brothers and the red wine from a hamper basket during Chinese New Year which was very good.

dividing the cake

The cake was Mocha Almond. Initially we thought of getting the Carrot Walnut Cake, which is delicious and both my parents like it a lot, but then we thought that we would try something different.

I am so glad that we were able to make my mum so happy on her birthday. The trip back, although a very short one, was worth it. :-D

make a wish mum...

On the 18th, I brought my car to the workshop for servicing and went for a facial in the afternoon. Finally I get to do my facial. My skin needs it badly.

That night, I stayed at home with my mum and guess what?! There was a blackout!

candles in the dark

Great timing… YJ was studying for his SPM exam the next day and JJ has exams on Fri and so both of them went to the nearest McD in my area to study.

I stayed at home with my mum and called my dad to stay in his office since he can’t work with lighting. Since there nothing else we can do my mum decided to prepare the mixture for making pancake the next morning.

Step 1

First, pour the flour into a mixing bowl. We filter it to make sure it’s fine and not in clumps.

Step 2

Then add water, bit by bit, while mixing. Make sure it’s not too watery.

Step 3

Stir until there is no sight of powdery flour and add some eggs into the mixture and mix well.

Step 4

My mum is so pro…

Done! with the mixture...

It’s done! As smooth as silk…

We didn’t add any sugar with the mixture as squashed bananas will be added in before frying and it’s served with pancake syrup. Yums~

Yummy Pancakes

While doing all these I had a hearty chat with my mum. Who knew that blackout can be so much fun!

Missing the pancakes…

Some other random pics taken in my house –

My doggies

Both my dogs. The one that the back is Dao Dao, which means beans, and the one in front is Yellow. I think they are the no.6 and 7th dogs I had.

From the first to the current ones – Mimi, Tong Tong (sweet), Lulu, Blackie, Zhai Zhai (boy), Dao Dao and Yellow.

water liliy doggies

Beautiful water lily my mum planted by the car porch.

There is a calming effect even just by looking at the picture.

Ah~ Home Sweet Home…