As Time Passes…

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 5:09 pm

As time passes…
I want to dye my hair with you
Dye it white and grey with age
While performing on life’s stage

As time passes…
I want to hold your hand
Till seasons leave its mark on it
Coarse and wrinkly there be it

As time passes…
I want to put my arms around yours
As we stroll in the park
Steadily though shakily we’ll embark

As time passes…
I want to smile and laugh with you
so much as smile wrinkles deepen
on my face no longer young but uneven

As time passes…
I want to stand by you
even if my feet are wobbly and need dependence
I will rise up strong and firm for you

As time passes…
Cities change and beauty fades
We shall still be together  stronger than ever
With love so true and pure
Through anything we shall endure

The Perfect Sanctuary

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 11:47 pm

After the horrifying experience of nearly loosing my precious ring I have decided that there must be a safe place to keep my ring when it’s not on my finger.

Well… I thought I was being careful before, I always made sure that I either leave my ring on my desk or on my small table/shelf by my bed whenever I took it off, but clearly it was not enough. :roll:

It had to be a place where the possibility of it rolling away, being harmed, being snatched away by some bird etc is 0.000….1% if not 0%. Then it came to me, the perfect place, the perfect safe house, the perfect sanctuary…

My Crystal Apple! (It’s actually glass but since it holds the great responsibility of safe guarding my ring it’s status deserve to be elevated! Plus, crystal apple sounds nicer than glass apple. :-P )

I bought this a few years ago when I was still staying in Damansara. I forgot where I bought this piece of beauty but I think it was ss2 pasar malam. You’ll never know what you’ll get in these places. It like a treasure hunt!

It’s not very big, making it unsuitable for keep jewelries and accessories unless you only own a few, but because it’s so so beautiful I bought nonetheless. Due to the limited spacing I have in my days in Damansara and the Crystal Apple doesn’t help much in storing things, I took it back to Ipoh.

When I was looking for a safe place to keep my ring, it struck my mind… Finally, I found the purpose of the Crystal Apple. It’s destiny, the reason I own it…

The size, the shape, the feel to it… everything about it perfect for my ring! I wouldn’t want to keep something so dear and important to me in something miserable looking!

I am so glad that something so special to me fits perfectly with something I like so so much.

It had been declared that whenever I take off my ring, it’s place will be in the heart of my Crystal Apple. If I happen to out and need to take off my ring, I will make sure that it will be kept in a compartment of my bag which can be zipped. If I am back in Ipoh, it will be kept in my jewelry box.

There! I believe it should be quite safe now… ;-)

Bye Bye

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 2:45 pm

I can’t believe that my friend just left!!! And it was on such a short notice. She had to leave for UK to continue her studies on Sunday, 4th of October 2009, which was 2 days ago and I only got to know of it on Friday night, 2nd of October!! What a way to start another month! :-(

To be honest, I was very pissed at her for the late info and I couldn’t bear the thought of it. However, I couldn’t let myself to be cross at her as to let myself miss the final opportunity to meet her before she leaves.

Her boyfriend organised a surprise farewell for her on Friday night. If it wasn’t for that party, I wouldn’t have known that she was leaving. It was at Republic, Sunway Pyramid. The very same place I went with my dear for Arthur’s day and tasted my first sip of black beer.

Arthur's Day with my black beer

I had class that night and Addie had gone to watch a show in KL. The news of the party came all of a sudden as the news of her leaving. I think both of us, Addie and I, didn’t know quite what to do.

At last, we decided that I would wait for Addie’s show to end and we would go together. It was late night, around 12am, when we finally left our houses for our dear friend’s farewell party. Addie was kind enough to pick me up.

Addie and Hambhika

This is her, on the right. Hambhika, my dear friend who was about to leave for the UK. We attend the same class for the UOL LLB programme and have known each other for 2 years now. I barely know her in our 1st year but our friendship grew and blossomed in the 2nd year of our studies.

She is such a charming and bubbly girl who could lift you up from a gloomy mood within seconds. She is so fun to be with that I could recall mostly smiles and laughter in her presence. She gives encouragements and inspirations so freely and lovingly even when she is in need of them herself.

I can’t imagine doing the rest of the year without her. I can’t imagine her being so far away. We haven’t known each other for a long time but it is enough to make the bonding special. We haven’t been through a lot together but it is enough to make me cherish this friendship ever so much.

My Classmates

Girls doing the University of London, LLB programme. From left, Presha, Addie, Hambhika and me.

The night was a fun night together. We chatted over drinks, Hambhika told us her story of why she was leaving then we hit the dance floor and danced till we drop!

Showing off their grooves

Check out the sexy smokin’ ladies groovin’…  8-)

At first we practically dominated the dance floor until later on other party goers filled it up.

From then on, it was more drinks, more dancin’, and getting crazier by the moments.

Addie, me, Hambhika and her sister, Tash

All of us still looking neat, fine and clean

Later on…

Danced till we dropped

Check out the red faces and messy hair!

Things kind of escalated from there on and we went on a rollercoaster ride (emotionally). We were getting a bit tipsy and crazy having all the fun we could have and the next thing we know, we were hugging each other crying our hearts out.

Tears were bursting out and flowing uncontrollably. I did my best to stop myself from crying but the tears just flowed out. It is hard to see people leave… :cry:

I think Addie and I had a hard time saying good bye and leave even when the lights were turned on. It is hard when we know that we wouldn’t get to see or hear from each other as often as we did. It is also hard on ourselves to miss special people in our lives. Harder still missing the times together and knowing there is no turning back.

Fun times together

I have said a few good byes in my life and every time is a feeling of helplessness. It is when I know there is nothing I can do to change things. I can only unwillingly accept the hard cold truth that people come and go in a certain point of life. Life is cruel in that way, where it tears people apart leading them on different roads, and it doesn’t care how much it hurts. No leniency is showed, no sympathy, no compassion…

Hambhika and I

Hambhika, I will miss you dearly and things wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for being my friend and being there for my during hard times. I hope you know that I will always be there for you too. Please don’t let distance and life drift us apart. Keep in touch via Facebook, email, MSN, what ever means we have, ok?

And, all the best in the UK. I know you will do well there. Have fun and enjoy the experience! Just as you told me, don’t let anything put you down! Everything bad will past but the good will always stay in our hearts as you will in mine. Love ya, miss ya… *hugs*

Come back soon!!!