Got My Twitter

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I know I told some of my friends before that I dislike reading other bloggers’ tweets because a lot of times I don’t know what they are talking about.

The reason why I got my own twitter is because I got really fed of people spamming my chat box. I have spams every where! Even after precaution has been taken there are stills spams! :-x

I do get less spams in my comments right now but for my chat box I have decided to get rid of it. Then I got twitter instead!

The best thing is nobody can spam on it and I still still write bits and pieces of my life instantly! In a way, that is a good way to record the moments that you’re experiencing. (Got this idea from someone) :-P

Again, thank you dear for helping putting my twitter on my blog. :-D I would never figure out  how to by myself.

NS Family Gathering

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After a long and tedious period of planning, arranging, compromising etc over excessive phone calls, on the 19th of September (Saturday), the NS Family finally meets!!!

The Family

Starting from the right we have Soo aka ‘Sou Dai Hap’ and Hao Di aka ‘Ah Ba’ who came all the way from Ipoh to join us. Then there’s me, Janice and Alvin aka ‘Ah Koh’. Diming was also there but he disappeared… Is he the camera man?? I can’t recall… :-?

Those who came from Ipoh arrive at Pudu around 7 or 8 something and Alvin went to pick them up. I was driving to Alvin’s place around that time, stopped by Midvalley to pick up Diming who directed me to Alvin’s place.

At Alvin’s apartment carpark, it was then and there all of us finally meet. It has been a very very long since we all gathered together. I think the long lost one here is Soo because the last time we saw him was last year’s Chinese New Year! 8-O

Alvin and Janice

After a bit of resting and refreshing, we headed out for dinner/supper and some drinks. Soo being the uncooperative one here refuse to drink, not even a sip! Hao Di’s alcohol tolerance improved comparing the time we drank in Cameron 3 years ago.

Before going back to Alvin’s place, where we all stayed for the 2 days 2 nights gathering, someone suggested that we watch a horror movie that night. And so, one car of people was responsible to pick a movie and another car of people went to get snacks and drinks for the night.

Diming pick a DVD consisting 3 horror movies  introduced by the seller which we later decided on the Japanese ghost movie, Hair Extension.

Hair Extension Poster

The original plan for this gathering was to make a one day trip to Genting the next day. The dilemma was that if we were to watch the movie, considering the time that night which was super late, we might not be able to make that trip. A decision could not be reached at the time the dilemma was pointed out and so we went on to watch the movie and then decide later.

I was never a fan of horror movies and so I only find this one OK. At least the ghost kills for a reason. But it was kind of ridiculous that hair would grow from the eyes and tongue.

Anyway, the movie ended, we were all tired and we need a quick decision on whether we are to go to Genting or not. However, no one seemed to be decisive enough to make such a crucial decision. I guess it is because that was the original plan.


We tried to vote for it but it didn’t work out and so we resorted to coin tossing. We even have a veto power to the result of coin tossing. :lol: LOL… But we were to tired and I guess everyone’s happy with the decision of not going.

The next day, I was the 2nd last to wake up at around 11 something. Diming was the last. Keke…  :-P

For brunch, Alvin took us out for Dim Sum. I think the place is called ‘Hiong Kong Hin’ near KLCC. We were all starved. Luckily the food arrive promptly. Janice and I had porridge which was very good. Just the way I like it! The prawn dumpling was also delicious, whether fried or steamed.

'I Still Want More'

Diming looks like he hasn’t gotten enough. ‘Faster Faster, before someone snatch the last prawn dumpling!’

The meal was indeed satisfying. We could go on and on without complains about the food if not for the limited spacing of out tummies.


Some are full and content while other are still busy munching away. See the one at the back of Janice?

Later on, we went the The Gardens and Midvalley. We want to watch the movie ‘Where Got Ghost?’ but could get any tickets. Our supposed well-planned trip turned into a spontaneous one and so everything was last minute.

We ended up yam cha-ing in Midvalley while we deciding what to do next. Knowing that there is nothing much to do there, we decided to leave and head to Genting Klang where we can experience a bit of archery.

NS Family

Luck was not on our side that day, the archery shop was closed! Fortunately we were not stranded with nothing else to do. A quick change of plan and the next thing we know we were playing pool.

Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of us while we were playing pool. I was too busy persuading and forcing people to join in the game. Haihz… oso not sporting one…

Then it was dinner time. Diming wanted to take us to place where they serve Kajang Satay but, I guess due to Raya, it’s closed too. For convenience sake, we went to a cafe-like restaurant few shops away.

Only Janice and I ordered food for the guys were not hungry yet. There was Uno Stacko for customers to play there and so we all got addicted to it. 3 in a game we became every competitive, comparing the height of our blocks.

Team A

They were delighted in what they have achieved. Notice the base of the structure? Look at Hao Di’s concentration! And Janice got so hooked up she set her Asam Laksa aside for the game even though she said she was very hungry before we came.

We were not bad ourselves! We had a fun time stacking those sticks. The guys planned to eat during yam cha session and so we left when us girls are done with our food.

Team B

Back at home (Alvin’s home), I was excited by the discovery of a mahjong set! I had always wanted to learn mahjong. I know a bit here and there but never good enough to play.

We played the three-persons version of mahjong and Hao Di and Alvin became my mentors of the game. Diming was like me, not very familiar with the game. The only person who doesn’t need tutoring would be Soo. The master would be Alvin because Hao Di is more familiar with the four-persons version.

We were so into the game that the guys decided to buy food back and not eat out. I stayed back in the house to bathe while Diming was fixing Alvin’s laptop.

When they came back, Janice, Alvin, Hao Di and Soo played ‘Chor D’ while I was enjoying the fried chicken they bought back for me. Later on, the mahjong session resumed.

Mahjong session

I must say, we had a fair dose of mahjong and ‘Chor D’ over the two days. The mahjong session continued to late night or should I say early morning.

Janice was the first in bed because she had to wake up early. Hao Di and Alvin followed. I was given the task of waking Janice and Alvin at 6am and therefore didn’t really get to sleep.

Early morning, Alvin and to drive Janice somewhere and the house is finally quite but I still can’t sleep. When Alvin came back, I proposed that we go have breakfast and I drive home to sleep.

Midvalley again, because it is a place convenient for me to go home and for Alvin to either go home or pick up Janice. I had breakfast at Paddington’s House of Pancakes. Alvin and Hao Di was only there to accompany me.

4+ in the afternoon, 21st of September, was the time for Hao Di and Soo to board the bus for Ipoh. A slow and quite ending of our NS Family gathering.

Although planning a get together is tough, although plans may not turned out to be as is it but it is always nice to finally be able to get together. Many other NS family members could not make it this gathering and there are only few of us but it is still a wonderful, fun, and memorable one. :-D

Hope that we could get together more often! Same goes to those who did not make it.


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090909, what a beautiful date! And we are so fortunate to be able to live it! I am sure this date means something special to a lot of couples and it is also a very good date to be wedded too. :-P


On such a meaningful date, my dear and I went on a simple yet special date. I feel that going on a simple date adds to meaning of 090909 because it is often the simple things that lasts.

It was kind of a last minute thing so my dear let me choose between going to the movies or a karaoke session. Being a fan of the movies, I opted for the first choice and off to 1U we went.


After dinner, we had a stroll since it’s not time for the movie yet and decided to get a pair of rings for the occasion. My dear came up with this idea and it really fitted the occasion. 9 = long lasting and a ring is an endless circle! :-D


These are the rings that we bought!! They are not expensive but it is the meaning it bears that make them special. We even got then date engraved on the inner part of the ring!


We had a look at the MPH Book Fair while waited for our rings to be engraved and ended up buying books. AGAIN!! I haven’t even finish all the books that I have bought months before!

Headed for the movie after we have collected our rings. When we were about to enter the cinema, we noticed that it was such a coincidence that on 09/09/09 we bought tickets to a 9pm movie, Imagine That staring Eddie Murphy, and one of our seats was F09. Too bad our cinema wasn’t number 9…


After the movie, we stopped by KTZ at ss2 for supper. It has been quite some time since I last ate there. When I was staying in Damansara, I used to visit there very often.


Then it was Home Sweet Home.

It feels nice to spend a simple day with a loved one. Big dates don’t last long and it wears you out if gone to often. But simple dates are the ones that let you taste the sweetness in life… :-)