Michael Jackson, The Irreplaceable King

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 8:19 pm

Michael Jackson

25 June 2009—The day a King has fallen, the King of Pop. My condolences…

I cannot say that I am a fan of his but I do love his works and do mourn the lost of such great talent and inspiration. It’s a shame that he did not get to  do his comeback tour.

While I was driving today and listening to the radio today, I heard someone said something that is very true. He said: ‘We grew up listening to Michael Jackson.’ Yes indeed, we did

When the song ‘you are not alone’ was playing on the radio, my brother said it reminds him our family trips we used to go when we were still very young. When my brother and I were not busy with our curriculum activities my dad took us on road trips during weekends. He used the have a Michael Jackson album that he will play while we were on the road. One of the most vivid memories I have is our road trips to Cameron Highlands.

What a pity that such a talented person had died at the age of 50! I think he had a complicated life and one that could not and should not be judged by outsiders. On the face he may had had it all, the riches and fame, but, personally, I do not think that he had a good life.

Anyway, I do not think that one should be remembered by his rights and wrongs but by the good that he has done. In this case, it would be the great contribution in music, or should I say the entertainment industry.

He had a voice and a style of his own that no other could impersonate. The songs that he sung often touch the hearts of many. Not forgetting his moves and grooves copied by dancer all over the world especially the moonwalk!


My favourite work of his at all times is the thriller. I still remember my dad showing it to me and my brother.We watched it repeatedly and later on we tried to learn the dance. I bet we would laugh out heads off if we could go back in time to see how we looked then. Silly, I bet.

I think that although he has gone to a better place everyone will keep a piece of him in our hearts. He will be remembered for his talent and his award winning works which will be passed on and on

He is the Irreplaceable King

Starry Starry Night

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 12:43 pm

A starry starry night
In a place not far away
A night long awaited
A night that changed my day

A night where diamonds hung high
And cold highlands breeze blow
Shivering shadows snuggle up close
while the warmth of the hearts starts to grow

A secret revealed
A friendship which grew
With a long anticipated truth
Feelings emerged like coffee brew

Admiring a June night sky
In my head a bell rung twenty nine
Missing puzzle found in the among two thousand eight
The final picture was never too late

I am looking forward to a starry starry night

Sugar In My Coffee

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 3:13 am

I came across this interest short story while I was randomly going through websites. The name of the story is ‘Life is Like A Cup of Coffee’ and I think the story illustrates some very true facts of life.

Coffee at Old Town Kopitiam

Well well… following the saying – life is like a cup of coffee, my life definitely hit the very bottom of the bitter pit last month. I was being bound by the evil spell of examinations which squeezes the very life out its victims. As a student, I was helpless and defenseless against it and unable to protect myself against future attacks. Only till the day of my graduation will I be able to set myself free of this evilness that lurks in the midst of the dark world of education.

Books, articles, case reports were its favorite tools of torture, letting the names of cases and judges, principles and statutes haunt you in your sleep, sucking out the youth and radiance out of you. 


The pen is mightier than the sword… My only weapon of defense which proves to be of little help. Writing down notes and practicing to write fast seems to be of little use once your in the chamber of doom where something known as panic attacks diminish the power of your force shield enabling the evil sorcerer who hides behind the veil of education to get hold of you. 

My sword

Shedding more clouds of gloom upon my life is the fact that my birthday happens to be on the exact same month itself!! Turning 21 years-old is supposedly something big. It’s when one announce that (s)he is an adult, when one claims his/her rights to total freedom! Believe me, it’s big, something like, but not exactly the same, the Bar Mitzvah.

However, I’m considered lucky. My parents celebrated my birthday early when I was back in Ipoh for the last time until then end of my exams. If I recall correctly, it’s the 3rd of May, 4 days before my actual birthday. And they presented me with this –

Key to Freedom

My key to freedom!!!

It’s a tradition that parents will give their children a key, a golden key to be exact, when they turn 21 of age. Obviously, mine is not made out of gold, it’s platinum. =) However, even if it’s made out of diamonds, it’s not sharp enough to cut through the thick chains of examinations. I am still locked down and not freed to breath the fresh air of liberty.  

My dear celebrated my birthday with me. We did not do much because it was a weekday and I still have to study but it was a memorable one. Especially when he got his housemates to show up at the place where we were at at midnight with my birthday present and cake. Special thanks to Khai and Navind. I really appreciate the effort to get me the cake. =D

Guess what my sweet dear got me for my birthday?

my presie

TA-DA!!! A roxy bag!

I Had my eye on this bag a few weeks before my birthday but was too stingy to get it. Along with the bag, my dear got its member card and registered it under my name! My dear is sooooo sweet!!!

And not forgetting all those who wished me via sms and facebook, thank you so so much for remembering. All of these things really saved my birthday from going down the drain and from the vicious claws of examinations.  =)

Other than saving my birthday, I had to to do something to sustain myself, to help me endure the seemingly endless torture and to keep me alive. Therefore I resorted to retail therapy and good food! (But only at my weakest hour, not throughout the period)

lil' cupcakes

I added a lil’ sweetness into my bitter life. Well, quite a lot actually. I fell in love with these babes, the sweet temptation lipgloss,  when I was reading Cleo Mag and decided to get me one of these when I was out shopping for presents for Mothers’ Day and my Dad’s birthday.

However I became obsess with these sweet things and ended up collecting the whole collection. All 10 of them! I had 2 extras so I gave 1 to my sis and kept 1 extra for myself. Greedy greedy me…

I got them here –

Bloop counter and sumway pyramid

As for food, I found myself craving for Padding’s House of Pancakes so my dear and I headed for 1U in the middle of my exam period, after my 2nd paper. While in the restaurant, I spotted the Bargain Corner. Being a girl, I simple could not resist the temptation so I checked it out after dinner.

There was clothes, accessories and shoes from the store, Colours, at outrageous discounts. 10% more if you are a One Card holder. Check out my catch of the day

cutie bag

This cute lil’ bag was priced at RM29! How could I resist! Futher 10% discount because I am a One Card holder, it’s only RM26.10! The big ‘diamond’ on top is soooo eye catching. Take a closer look at the ‘diamond’. Nice huh? *proudly smiling*

ooo~ diamond

And I got belts… It’s only Rm13.5! (Rm15 without One Card) And, get this, they were doing this but 2 accessories free 1 thingy and since I got the bag and 1 belt I got another belt for free! =D


I also got 1 dress for Rm26.10 (Rm29 without One Card) and a top for Rm18 (Rm20 without One Card).

One Word – STEAL!!!

Another place I went for good food is Zen in Sunway Pyramid. Hmm… The mouthwatering sashimi and unagi. *picturing the meal in head while licking lips* A satisfying meal indeed! No pics here as I was too focus on digging in and enjoying the food. hehe…

These are the things that pumped oxygen into my life, my sugar in my cup of coffee…

However, my biggest dose of sugar is my dear being with me and supporting me. Although he too is having exams at that time, it’s nice that we were going through something together and knowing that we would not neglect each other even when we are in hot water ourselves… =D

nights out at McD during exams

That is how I kept myself alive during the dark era of examinations

Now that the sun has finally shine through the darkness, I can enjoy my cup of delicious coffee with comfort…

For now…