My Blog Exists!

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 9:58 pm


After all these years of reading everyone else’s blog, I finally have my very own blog! I first acquired my blog address ( on the 2nd of April. After that, I have been on and off (not because I’m not serious with my blog but due to upcoming exams) trying to create a ‘look’ for my blog and today, the 9th of May 2009, my blog is complete! I know it’s still very empty because I haven’t start blogging yet, and I only plan to after I’m done with my exams, but nonetheless, it exists and it’s finished! Here is how’s it’s done..

In the beginning my dear created this blog. Ok, it’s my blog so it should be ‘my dear helped when I created this blog’. =P I know only the simplest things about computers. Lucky me I’m blessed with a computer savvy boyfriend (I know, I sound like I’m boasting about my boyfriend right now. But, hey, I must give him credit for being such a big help in the creation my blog, right?) who patiently helped me in creating my blog by clicking, correcting and amending some codes which doesn’t make any sense to me at all . I am proud and I will say it loud:“This blog is 100% to my satisfaction!” The colour, my banner, the layout, everything is perfect! Thanks to my dear! =D

To show my appreciation, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my dear. Without whom my blog will be as dull as ever. By the way, my dear has been blogging way before me and he has his own blog. I think he’s a better writer than me and there’s definitely much more to read in his blog compared to my content-less blog right now. However there’s no need to worry or rush. After my exams I will officially start blogging! Hopefully my computer won’t bully me so much. Wish me luck!