Wish List To Santa

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 3:23 pm

Dear Santa,

Mommy says that you

gives present to good

children. I am good so can

you bring me something


I did not write to you

last year and last last year

and last last last year

because I have nothing to

ask for. But now I do…

Can you give me a degree

cert so that I don’t have to

study anymore? I don’t like

it… And daddy can put

more money in the piggy


And if I am a really really

good girl next year,can you

please give me a master

cert? I promise to be really

really really good.

And Santa, can you also

give me one of those square

hats and black clothes with

big big selves with the cert?

Then I can take a picture

wearing them with mommy

and daddy.

Thank you Santa. I love you.

I also like your reindeers

very much. Maybe if I am

super good I could pet

them and feed them? I’ll be

very very careful. I won’t

hurt them, I promise.



Bora Bora Island

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 7:32 pm

Everyone has places that (s)he must go at least once in (s)he life time. As for me, I had three places in my must-go list and now, after seeing pictures in an email from my dad, I have decided that there will be a new addition in my list – Bora Bora Island!

I vaguely remember hearing about this island before but never had I thought it would be so so beautiful! The pictures in the email are so captivating that it made me daydream about a holiday there, or honeymoon… =P

In deciding whether or not to add it into my list, I had to do some research on it and so I googled it.  I totally fell for it when I read the official Bora Bora tourism website that said it is ‘the most romantic island in the world’! Perfect for honeymoons! =D

I know it is probably saying that to con simple minded people like me who believes whatever she read but who could doubt it after seeing pictures like these:

Lazing around enjoying a beautiful sunny day with your beloved and a view like that, ain’t romantic? I don’t know what is then…

A dinner here would do couples good… Just imagine the breeze, the view, the atmosphere We could fall for each other all over again over dinner! Food would be secondary in a setting like this.

I wish I were the couple in the picture.

Ok, I found a better one to dream about.

Get this, rotate anti clock wise starting from the top left picture–

(1)Your honeymoon in a magnificent place like this, take in the scenery and be overwhelmed.

(2)Your sweet little love hut specially for you and your darling. You have all the privacy and setting perfect for some romantic ‘us’ time right after your busy and hectic big day.

(3) Romantic dinner for two facing a beautiful sunset.

(4) Just before the sun sets the both of take a after-dinner walk. At the last minute, just before the last sun ray disappear into the dark, a loving kiss to end a loving evening…

Hmm… *smiling dreamily*  perfect!

This place could also be a pre-marriage trip. A holiday where your guy plans to propose to you.

Imagine him kayaking to your hut and you standing there (where the girl is) happily greeting him. When he arrives, he pulls out a ring and says the magic words…

A girl would be crazy to turn him down! But your man has to be buff to look good in the sarong-like thingy the man in the picture  is wearing. Haha~

Anyway never mind the purpose of the trip. Of course it would be great if the holiday is like what I imagined but it does not really matter when you have the chance to wake up to a view like this!

And maybe just before you leave this magical place, relax in a hammock by the beach with a fruit punch or a book.

Relax + unwind + recharge = the perfect holiday

I did not do a research on the price in fear that it would spoil my dream but ,even if it is expensive, a place like this is still worth it, isn’t it?

Ok, if it is too extravagant then I might not earn enough cash to go… *cry*

But a girl can still dream, can’t she?

Clear waters anyone?

Ok, let’s hit the pool!

Hopefully, for now… ^.^


Just a brief mention about the other three places in my must-go list:

(1) Venice, Italy


(3)Lavender farm. Any one is good, I just want to go a lavender farm!

Initially it was Switzerland on the top of the list but since Venice bears a higher chance of disappearing from the face of the earth due to global warming I exchanged its placing.

These three will remain as my top priority and Bora Bora Island comes in forth as those three must-go places has been listed since I was in my early years of secondary school.

P/S: I am merely imagining a holiday on Bora Bora Island. No plans for marriage as of this moment.