The Only Constant Is Change

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 4:53 pm

It’s been such a long time since I have properly write something and now I’m having some trouble thinking of something to write about. I’ve a lot of travel post pending and I can also write about studying aboard but I don’t feel like writing up on those. Just not now… So I guess I’ll just ramble along and see what I can make out of this entry.

Well… a lot has happened in the past year. True to saying ‘the only constant is change’, my life have morphed into a strange and queer place, an unknown terrain.

Of course it’s not like we can predict the future and know exactly what’s going to happen. But there is usually an anchor in one’s life, something that holds to your place and make you stand firm amidst the fast changing and, most of the time, confusing world. And so, when one’s looses the anchor, they are cut adrift…

It is scary to be aimlessly floating in this big wide world and the helplessness of having no control at all over the tides and currents of life is overwhelming.

I don’t know why after typing the above, The Life Of Pi comes into my head. I haven’t read to book. I’ve only seen the trailer and I’m so looking forward to the movie. I’m going to get the book some time soon too. Anyway, I guess the reason why I thought of this is because the trailer I’ve seen closely resembles to what I was saying: – being stranded in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but endless water…

See! This is the perfect illustration of the feeling I was trying to describe. And, at least he has a beautiful tiger with him.

I know I can’t stay like this but I also know I can’t rush into anything major right now. I guess all I can do now is to take my time and find my way again. I don’t know how much time I’ll need and I don’t know how the future will unfold for me. But I figured, why not sit back and enjoy the scenery until I see a sign or a light or something. It’s definitely better than being frustrated and bitter about it.

Plus, in the trailer it shows that the character have seen marvelous things while he was stranded. Things he would not have seen if not for his situation like the endless diamond sky and the illuminating whale (at least I think it’s an illuminating whale).

I believe there’s always a silver lining in the worst-ever-possible situation and I hope I see something wonderful and breath-taking like the character. Everything happen for a reason and as long as God is with me, guiding the way, I will be OK.

Well now, this post turned out to be a self-encouragement post. hahaha… Then it’s only appropriate to end this with:

Shuyi, Gambate!!!

Chinese New Year 2011

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 1:08 am

Okay now… let me continue with my long overdue updates.

I assume that it is common knowledge that Chinese New Year is a big occasion for Chinese. The big fuss begins with a top-to-toe house cleaning before the occasion and stocking up packet/canned drinks and mandarin oranges.

Then the reunion dinner where the whole family sit down and feast together. This, to me, is the essence of Chinese New Year.

Beyond the decorations and merry songs that welcomes a new year, the essence of it is the simple act of being together. As work clogs up your life and bogs down communication with loved ones while life itself take people onto different paths, this special time of the year brings people back together, reminding us of what is important so that we don’t loose ourselves in the hussle and bussle of hectic city life.

And therefore CNY is a golden opportunity, absolutely-not-to-be-missed occasion, a time so precious that without the need to pen in down on the annual calendar, nearing that time of the year your heart automatically tells you that it’s time… to go home.

The saddest thing that happened to me this year is not being able to return home for CNY and I’m stuck in UK instead when my heart has flown across the dessert and the seas away from the cold and cheerless room of mine. :cry:

The only place that you can have a little taste of the coming of CNY is in Chinatown, London.


Chinese lanterns are up and the shops are selling festive sweet and cookies. But that’s about it…

Feels kind of hollow if you know what I mean…

I know this post is like hanging somewhere in the middle but it is getting depressing so I guess I’ll just end here.

8th December 2011

Let It Snow!

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 8:28 pm

In December, it snowed!


It’s not my first experience with snow.

My first experience is during my very first overseas trip back in my primary school days. My family and I went to Seattle, USA, then to Canada. It was early spring and sometimes it still snow a little. But very very little…

A trip up the Whistler Mountain, Canada, was the very first time that I get to play with real snow. I remember me and my brothers begging my parents to let us learn how to ski but Dad said we didn’t have enough time. Or was it too expensive??

Anyhow, my brothers and I were so fascinated with the snow that we tried to smuggle some down the mountain. We rolled them onto snow balls, carried it all the way down in the cable car. It was until we reached our rented car that we gave up and deserted our snow balls because they started to melt. haha… silly us!


Although this is not my first time experiencing snow it is nonetheless a new experience because I didn’t have to deal with snow that much in the past. Now that I’m staying in England, when it snowed, I’ll have to make sure I have the right shoes on, the right clothes on etc etc…


Snow snow snow! There’s snow everywhere! When it first snowed, it was so bad that lots of roads were closed causing serious  delay or cancellation of the public transportation system. Be it by car, bus or train.

Besides that, another major problem is clothing. Lots of layering and other essentials like ear muff –


Boy, I couldn’t imagine how am I going to survive the winter without these furry comfy babes. Trust me, having this make a whole lot of difference!

The next thing that comes in handy is a pair of wellington boots!


See my black and white wellies??

It waterproof so you won’t have to worry about snow melting on your shoes and it gives you a nice grip so that you don’t slip and fall on the icy snow.

I like my Wellies a lot but too bad, I’ve only worn them for less than 5 times and there’s no way I’m bringing them back to Malaysia so I’m still thinking of a way to deal with them.

Another nice item to have during winter is this –


I have no idea what to call this. Furry indoor boots/socks???

Anyway, no matter what it’s called, this kept my feet warm and cozy during the coldest days in winter. As a bonus, I think it is really cute! Love the furry balls hanging on the side!


Ok, back to the snow. It may be pretty, fun and all when the snow is still fresh and the scenery can be very breathtaking.

The downside of all this is the nightmare that comes along when the snow starts to melt and turn into yucky mud-like ice. The streets become dirty, slippery and wet and the sight of dirty snow is not pleasant at all!

I guess it a love-hate relationship with snow. You like when it’s new, fresh and fun to play with. But when it stays for too long, you start to feel fed up with it and things turn ugly. After all that, if it start to snow again you’ll still feel the thrill and wonder of it as if it’s something new and magical!

Anyway, that’s just how I feel about snow. ^^

23rd May 2011