As Time Passes…

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 5:09 pm

As time passes…
I want to dye my hair with you
Dye it white and grey with age
While performing on life’s stage

As time passes…
I want to hold your hand
Till seasons leave its mark on it
Coarse and wrinkly there be it

As time passes…
I want to put my arms around yours
As we stroll in the park
Steadily though shakily we’ll embark

As time passes…
I want to smile and laugh with you
so much as smile wrinkles deepen
on my face no longer young but uneven

As time passes…
I want to stand by you
even if my feet are wobbly and need dependence
I will rise up strong and firm for you

As time passes…
Cities change and beauty fades
We shall still be together  stronger than ever
With love so true and pure
Through anything we shall endure

Blind Love

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 7:47 pm

The saying goes ‘love is blind’. Is it true?

blind love

I see now samples of blind love around everyday, increasing by numbers. People around me, friends and families, seems to fall into this devastating pit. The stories they share, the pain I see in them, the tears that are shed, are endless and unforgotten…

When I see them, hear them, I am lost for words. Whatever I say or do seems to be useless. Helpless is exactly how I feel and exactly how it is.

It is like they have lost all logical sense. Like moths flying into fire they are, stubbornly marching on death road, unable to free themselves from the deadly attraction. Like drug they are, lifting you to soaring heights and then dooming you to painful sufferings yet leaving you wanting more.

love is painful?

Love is painful, is it how it should be? If not, why are people suffering in the name of love? Why do they stay with the one they claim to be in love with who gives them nothing but ill treatment? Why do they struggle to fulfill unreasonable demands of the one they love when sadness is all they feel instead of sweet happiness?

Call me ignorance for I know not the reluctance to leave bitter love behind. I too know not the reasons to endure harsh words or forceful blows by the one who claims to love me.

bleeding heart

Suppose not love to be sweet and tender? Sweet and tender not I find a relationship filled with tears and pain. Sweet and tender not I find love which carries nothing but scars and wounds.

Suppose not love to be kind and forgiving? An excuse letting violence triumphs over unconditional love. One lets not forget that love works two ways.

What is love? Can love tainted by lies and betrayal still be pure? Can love polluted by resentment and suspicion still be selfless?

tainted love

People nowadays seems to live in lies and fantasies thinking that they can heal the pain and not leave a scar. Or that they can wipe clean the wrongs that they can have done in the history of their lives.

Should I call them weak for falling in devil’s temptation? Or should I declare them fault for their lack of self constrain? Should they be forgiven and let them hurt you again with stronger blows? Or should they be banished from our hearts forever and risk loosing sincere hearts of repentance?

heart of glass

Either way, should one’s heart be put at risk? How many wounds can a delicate heart carry? How much blood can a fragile heart shed? How much aching can a frail heart bear?

Can one put one’s heart in the protection of an amour? Or train one’s heart to not feel pain and sorrow? Can one then pronounce immunity from the emotional baggage?

Would then one risk being hungry for love and thirsty for affection? Would one miss being held and pampered? Would one yearn for trusty shoulders and warm breast? Would one wither from loneliness and dwindle from solitariness?


In these circumstances, I think, it would be fit to say that one is lost in love. Not knowing what to do, not knowing what can be done, not knowing what is ahead, not knowing what to expect…

In my right mind I still believe the power is still in one’s hand to save one self from all the chaos but I would be innocent to say that everyone can do it for I see a lot who cannot. Unfortunately, no can save them if they cannot save themselves.

Stupidity… This word seems to be used by a lot of people as the reasons for being cursed by deceitful love. But I will not allow my simple mind to think so.

How could I use such crude word on my loving savior, Lord God, Jesus Christ!


John 3:16

‘For the Lord so love the world that he sent His only son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but may have eternal life.’

Because God so love us He sent Jesus Christ to redeem us. Christ because of His obedience and love was nailed on the cross by the very people He was trying to save.

How are we, sinful human beings, worthy of such great sacrifice? It is because of love, we, wretched mortals gain eternal life to be together with our Heavenly Father.

This love that was shown is pure, unconditional, selfless, forgiving, and kind. Coarse words like stupid and foolish are incompatible with love so great and mighty.


I would say that people are blindfolded and they are unable to see clearly but insist on catching something although they are aimlessly waving they arms in thin air most of the time.

Their hopes keep them going and they go in the direction their hearts take them. There are no rights and wrongs in what ever way they go and certainly not stupid and foolish. The only thing that can be done is stay true to your heart.


As friends we can only be with them when they are in need and stay with them to give support. Praying for them in hopes that they will one day find the right one while walking down life’s path with them, hand in hand. Wishing them a simple wish, happiness…

Starry Starry Night

Written by Shuyi aka Lavender at 12:43 pm

A starry starry night
In a place not far away
A night long awaited
A night that changed my day

A night where diamonds hung high
And cold highlands breeze blow
Shivering shadows snuggle up close
while the warmth of the hearts starts to grow

A secret revealed
A friendship which grew
With a long anticipated truth
Feelings emerged like coffee brew

Admiring a June night sky
In my head a bell rung twenty nine
Missing puzzle found in the among two thousand eight
The final picture was never too late

I am looking forward to a starry starry night